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The Oxford Dictionary Recognises Nigerian English, Adds Okada, Danfo, Mama Put, 26 Other Nigerian words, expressions


29 Nigerian words and expressions were added in the latest ( January 2020) updates of Oxford English Dictionary, The PUNCH reports.
In a blog post, The Oxford English Dictionary said some of the words are borrowed while others are coinages.

Here is a list of the new Nigerian words and senses added to the OED in the latest update:

bukateria, n. : “ A roadside restaurant or street stall with a seating area, selling cooked food at low prices . Cf. buka n. , mama put n.”

chop , v.6, Additions : “ transitive. Ghanaian English and Nigerian English. To acquire ( money) quickly and easily. Frequently in negative sense: to misappropriate , extort , or…”

chop -chop , n. 2: “ Bribery and corruption in public life; misappropriation or embezzlement of funds. Also as a modifier. ”
danfo, n.: “ A yellow minibus that carries passengers for a fare as part of an informal transport system in Lagos , the largest city in Nigeria. Also as a…”

to eat money, in eat , v., Additions : “ Now chiefly Nigerian English and East African. to eat money : to acquire money dishonestly; to misappropriate , extort , or embezzle funds . Cf. chop v.6 …”
ember months , n. : “ The final four months of the calendar year ( September to December ), esp. considered together as a period of heightened or intense activity .”
flag -off , n. : “ The moment at which a race , esp. a motor race, is flagged off (see flag v. 4 additions a); the start of a race. Now chiefly Indian English and…”
flag , v. 4, Additions : “ to flag off . transitive ( usually in passive) . To direct ( a driver) to start a motor race, esp. one in which the competitors start at intervals, by …”
flag , v. 4, Additions : “ to flag off . transitive . Indian English and Nigerian English. In extended use : to start ( an event or undertaking ) .”
gist, n .3, Additions : “ Nigerian English. Idle chat, gossip. Also : an instance of this , a rumour or piece of gossip.”
gist, v.2: “ transitive. To reduce ( a text , document , etc .) to its essence or gist; to condense, summarize , or précis .”
guber, adj .: “ Of or relating to a governor or governorship ; = gubernatorial adj.”
Kannywood , n.: “ The Nigerian Hausa -language film industry, based in Kano ; Kano regarded as the centre of this industry. Cf. Nollywood n. ”
K- leg , n. : “ In singular and plural . A condition in which one or both of a person ’s knees are turned inwards , resulting in a noticeable gap between the feet when…”
mama put, n. : “ A street vendor , typically a woman, selling cooked food at low prices from a handcart or stall. Also: a street stall or roadside restaurant run by …”
next tomorrow, n. and adv .: “ The day after tomorrow .”
non -indigene , adj . and n. : “ Not native. In later use chiefly West African: belonging to an ethnic group considered not to be indigenous to a particular area. ”
okada , n. : “ In Nigeria : a motorcycle which passengers can use as a taxi service . ”
to put to bed in put , v. : “ West African. to put to bed : to give birth . Also: to give birth to ( a child ) . ”
qualitative, adj . , sense 3: “ West African. Of high quality ; excellent .”
to rub minds in rub, v.1: “ to rub minds (together ) : (of two or more people) to consider a matter jointly; to consult and work together; to confer. Similarly to rub our ( also …”
sef , adv .: “ Used for emphasis after a statement or rhetorical question, often expressing irritation or impatience . ”
send- forth , n .: “ A celebration or event to mark a person ’ s departure ; a send – off. Frequently as a modifier , as send -forth ceremony , send- forth party, etc .”
severally, adv. , Additions : “ East African and West African. On several occasions; repeatedly. ”
tokunbo , adj .: “ Denoting an imported second – hand product , esp. a car. ”
zone , v.
zoning, n ., Additions : “ Nigerian English. The system or practice of allocating nominations for certain political offices to candidates from particular regions, as part of an…”


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