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It is good to have great respect and admire people with great skills but it is better to first respect and appreciate your own innate ability. Never appreciate anyone above yourself.

Don’t forget the Bible says love others as you love yourself. Meaning, God does not want you to see anyone better than you. Because nobody is better than you.

The journey to self respect, self actualization, self dignity, self awareness, self value, self dignity and self defense starts with YOU loving YOU.

Moses who was born as a deliverer has lost his self value having become a shepherd all the way from Pharaoh’s palace as a prince. I do not blame Moses because sometimes if you had a great dream but when life beats you black blue, you are most likely to forget who you really are.

Moses standing barefooted before the burning bush told God: “What if they do not believe me or listen to me and say, The Lord did not appear to you”. Then the Lord said to him, WHAT IS IN YOUR HAND?”.

Moses had a staff. David a sling and a stone. Samson has his seven locks in his head. Mercedes Benz has Prestige. BMW has ruggedness. Toyota has fuel economy. Rolls Royce has Royalty. Lion has boldness. Snake has its venom and the list goes on.

Your greatest vantage position in the face of the battle of life is to stand on what you have and not what you don’t have. God gave gifts unto men according to our abilities. I stood before someone yesterday who had proposed in his heart to discredit my proposal but at the end of the presentation, he failed to achieve his aim.

Have no respect to whoever despise what you carry. Run from associates who run you down. Leave the classroom of the teacher who hates you. It’s a big psychological disaster to sit for an examination which your examiner had purposed in his heart to fail you. It’s a gross miscarriage of justice.

My dear reader, guide and guard what you carry. Do not take it lightly with any mortal who runs you down. Develop a thick skin to dream killers. Never visit them again. Refuse to bear the name your God didn’t name you which men wants to label you with.

Develop a nerve of steel. Be mentally tough on yourself. Build your character. Learn from your mistakes and move on. Hit your bully back many times over. Defend your territory. Respect people and give them their space.

If you can not respect me, don’t take the little one I have. If you can not lift me, don’t run me down. Don’t allow people to make you their dustbin. Guide your hear with all diligence because out of it are issues of life.

Don’t take from anyone what you can’t give them. Never stand beside anyone as parasite. Add value to that friendship and do not become a liability to anyone. Never overstay your welcome. Bow out when ovation is loud.

Finally, you are a rare gem. You are a miracle going somewhere to happen. You will make it. You will succeed. Sorry for all who ran you down. I stand by you. Do not be discouraged. You will be celebrated soon. Keep on keeping on. I believe in you.

See you at the top🙌🏾👍😉.



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