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Wale Jana: Relationship Saturday- A Wife Ten Years Ago Versus A Wife Today


The world has changed, what was a top priority in choosing a wife 10 years ago doesn’t apply today. For instance, it was a big deal for a woman to know how to cook, Africans believe that a woman who can’t cook will not make a good wife, this doesn’t apply in the world of today. There are many more issues to be concerned about;

  1. Is she for the gram? Believe it or not there are women choosing husbands because they want pictures and videos that will trend on social media. If you marry a slay queen like this you will be in trouble. How do you know if she is for the gram? She will be too conscious and her real life and social media life will be totally different. She looks all glam online but she’s struggling to make ends meet in real life .
  2. Is she part of the call out culture? If she has ever called out a guy on social media you will be next one day. Marriage will bring out the worst and the best in you and one day she will be so pissed that she will call you out. If she’s doing that already it will be your turn one day.
  3. The feminist bug: some women are feminists until they see the guy they like then they get married and when one or two things don’t go right they pick up the feminist badge and eventually ruin the marriage and become philosophers. Women are queens and powerful as they are but watch out for this bug.
  4. Is she bisexual? shine your eye bro, you have to know this, don’t be naive, she will give you clues that are conscious and unconscious. Watch out for the freaky freaky in her, this makes or ruins marriages today.

May God open your eyes in Jesus name.
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Written by Wala Jana


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