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Why You Should Attend “The Mayor Of Pitakwa” Comedy Show By KO Baba This Easter


Perhaps I’m the only one who finds most comedians boring, and their jokes insensitive.
Even our comedy movies at best are quick routes to fall asleep for me- A FUTILE DESPERATION FOR LAUGHTER.

I believe one can be funny without being silly.

time ago at an event that was supposed to be a career & business conference, a popular OAP/comedian who I thought was creative and rational was introduced to entertain the audience.

He started off with jokes about rape and spent the most parts making jokes about women’s bodies. While I was struggling to make sense of his sexist jokes, some ladies were laughing and to date, I’m still wondering why a woman would find such jokes funny. 
For me, he was not only demonizing women- we were sexually harassed and assaulted.
Other times, you will find them body shamming people, making absurd claims and more.
But does a comedy have to be silly to be funny?

Also, Nigerian comedy movies these days are not different from Instagram comedy skits.  I don’t have a problem with them using popular Instagram content creators in their movies, however, going all stupid in the name of being funny is not funny to start with.

But there is something to be happy about! 
I’m talking about the kind of comedy I subscribe to and I think everyone should consider it:

It’s not common but you have got to be conscious of the content you consume including comedy. It’s not just about jokes or laughs, the content we consume has a way of influencing our thoughts and actions and we must put premium attention to the kind of content we consume most especially comic contents.
I want to believe those ladies who were laughing at the insensitive, sexual, demeaning jokes are used to those kind of jokes and it has become normal to them.

KO Baba At Gospel Gang Party

I first heard about  CLEAN & CLASSY jokes through KO Baba. Until I met him, I didn’t know a Nigerian comedian could crack jokes in English and keep it clean and classy while making people laugh.
KO Baba is perhaps the most underrated Nigerian comedian.
KO Baba is a contemporary comedian who ministers in churches, performs at events, hosts shows and more. And his shows are family-friendly.

He’s earned the title The Mayor Of Pitakwa, and this Easter he’s hosting the people of Pitakwa at Aztech Arcum for a comedy show.
The date is April, 13th 2020.
Venue: Aztech Arcum

The Mayor Of Pitakwa Comedy Show

Get your tickets at Eden Kingdom Lounge or online on Tellerafricatickets.com


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