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Why You Should Not Do Yahoo Yahoo- Meziem Desire


One of my students called me.

He’s a photographer.

He said he had been thinking deeply, lately, about his line of work, and his life choices.

The biggest blow came when one of his friends came to his office with a Lexus ES350. This week.

As at last year, when this same guy visits his office, he normally gives him transport fare to go back home.

Internet fraud money happened, and things changed.

As if that wasn’t enough, when he went to cover an event that same day, the way boys younger than he is were throwing bundles of cash made for an uncomfortable environment for him psychologically.

He wanted to ask me if Internet Fraud was a sin, and if he should dabble into it.

I am not really a religious person. But I have a high sense of morality and ethics.

I am against and will always be against any form of fraud, be it on the internet, or offline.

But this email is not about my morality, instead I want to share with you what I shared with him.

Here are some differences between someone who has a stable business, and an Internet Fraudster.

A stable business assures you of a certain monthly income. It may fluctuate a little bit, but come, it will.

But a fraudster is not assured of anything. He could make $1,000 in April, 2021, and not see a dime till 2023. It happens.

That is why you see them steady selling off their cars and landed property.

Most Internet Fraudsters are not actually as rich as you think. They just have a penchant to spend money foolishly.

Make 1 million Naira today, blow it all in one week on clubbing and women.

That’s how you spend money you didn’t spend years building and working for.

Mind you, this is different from a successful businessperson with, say 5 Million Naira, in his account, spending 500,000 Naira to celebrate his birthday.

Birthdays happen once a year, and the money spent is like 10% of his liquid cash.

But most people don’t know this. They think these guys are Hushpuppi rich, with millions of dollars in the bank.

No, I am here to tell you they are not.

Also, most of these guys are living unfulfilled lives.

From afar, the flashy gadgets, cars and clothes would look like 100% happiness, but it’s actually not.

There is still that emptiness that comes with that kind of lifestyle.

On the other hand, nothing is more fulfilling than doing a job you love, serving people and making them happy, and also getting paid in the process. That is what a good and stable business will do for you.

And forget about the way people hail them for having and spending money, their relevance starts and ends with that money.

But a good and reputable service provider could be super broke, and still be respected because of his person and his skills. I cannot say the same for an internet fraudster.

Ultimately, I made the guy understand that these guys are not his competition. He doesn’t even have a competition.

If he must, for the sake of motivation and calibration, he should look towards people of his age, with the same amount of years in business, from similar background, building businesses without special government/political interventions.

But sincerely, the guy is doing really well for himself.

His business has two branches.

Annual office rent alone costs more than 1 million Naira.

He pays that comfortably, and still pays his residential rent.

He has 6 people under his employ, being paid monthly.

Can afford to eat, dress, and take care of his loved ones.

That’s something to aspire to.

But you know humans, enough can never be enough. There is always something to aspire to.

In closing, I told him to forget about what he is seeing now, but focus on his 10 to 20 years plan.

Where does he see himself in 10, 20 years, and how is he going to get there?

He should spend his energy drawing up a business growth and investment plan for the next 10, 20 years.

Compound focus, growth and interest will separate the wheat from the tares by that time.

I sent you this because I believe this message is relevant to you.

To greater decades ahead

~ Meziem Desire


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