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4 Ways You Can Take Care Of Your Vagina


Do you have a vagina care routine? when did you start following your routines? Are you faithful to your routine? At what age did you develop a vagina care routine?

A lot of ladies focus more on the skin and don’t put the same or more amount of energies into maintaining the vagina/ vulva, we understand the vagina is a self-cleaning part of the body that’s the more reason why you should have a routine to aid it in doing its job.

These routines include;
what you eat; You need foods rich in rich in:
vitamin E
vitamin C
omega-3 fatty acids
omega-6 fatty acids
to maintain the vagina’s optimal health.

2) How do you clean?; washing the vagina every morning even before bathing is important. the vagina cleaned itself all through the night so it’s only proper you wash up.

3) So you soothe? You don’t need to be worrying about soothing your vulva skin unless it’s easily irritated.

4) Monitor your vagina; After cleaning, monitor your vagina for the rest of the day this way you’d be able to indicate easily when you have any foreign symptoms. Monitor the smell, and color of your discharge.

Credit to Vigina Care


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