In case ‘you were not informed too’, today is Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo’s birthday, the global Senior Pastor of Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA).

Pastor Biodun who is known for excellence and spirituality started COZA in Ilorin in 1999, a church with a mandate to raise a TAKEOVER GENERATION who will take over in every sphere, system, and sector; spear-heading new frontiers in spirituality and excellence has been a blessing to countless lives across the nations of the world. Recently, he was voted the Leadership/Mentorship personality of the Year at SGTV award.

Today, being his birthday, we look at some of his life-changing quotes in 2021.

Below are the 80 quotes by Pastor Biodun in 2021.

  1. If you are not inspired, you will soon expire.
  2. The thief does not come except you have a treasure.
  3. God came that you may have- He kept the best.
  4. Increase is the covenant we have with God.
  5. God is in the business of lifting people.
  6. Expectation is the mother of manifestation.
  7. Be grateful but Dont be satisfy. There is another dimension.
  8. God attaches time to every agenda of His.
  9. When you understand God, never say never.
  10. What is important is that God makes the seed to grow and it doesn’t matter who planted it.
  11. When you’re in a covenant with God, don’t conclude on Him.
  12. Thanksgiving is a mystery we have embraced.
  13. Thanksgiving should become Thanks-Living.
  14. Always Top up your gratitude.
  15. God is a God of original intensions.
  16. If you’re too need driven, I guarantee you will miss your destiny.
  17. If you want to operate with God on your terms, you will wait forever. It will not work.
  18. Do not weigh yourself by your height!
  19. When you’re walking by faith, you need God in your life, invite him!
  20. We were brought here to complete what God started!
  21. Faith is a dynamite and it can quench any investments of hell.
  22. You’re loosing the battle because you’re quiet.
  23. Faith is never quiet.
  24. Anything you don’t attack will attack you.
  25. Anything you don’t influence will influence you.
  26. It is what God keeps that is kept.
  27. God has an unusual plan for you.
  28. Passion births increase!
  29. What you’re afraid of is afraid of you.
  30. The choice is yours! Decide now!
  31. The word of God is a hammer, it knocks off every plans of the devil.
  32. The word of God is a mirror, it shows you who you are.
  33. When God confirms your vision, it’ll speak for you.
  34. Those waiting to see your failure, will see the dust of your shoes.
  35. You will posses the gates of those who hate you.
  36. After dreaming, you need to work it out.
  37. There is something beyond you, and a reason why God is helping you.
  38. Take your roots in the purpose of God.
  39. If you’re going to be above only, you must start early.
  40. Don’t spend time wasting time.
  41. Let your judgement be scriptural.
  42. Be vigilant, cause there is someone doing vigil for you.
  43. Let the devil mess up everything around you, but don’t let him mess up your mind.
  44. Preserve your foundation.
  45. Keep the fire burning.
  46. Don’t be ashamed of the gospel.
  47. . If you sell what you like, you will be the only one to buy it.
  48. The only thing you cannot finish is grace.
  49. There is no shortcut, obedience is the way.
  50. One reason people Dont get results is because the former one, they didn’t give thanks.
  51. If you don’t like your harvest, change your seed….
  52. your words enslave you, your words release you, by your words you are justified….
  53. Everything in the kingdom is empowered by words…
  54. The things you are not saying, are the things you are not seeing in your life.
  55. The world you live in is what your tongue created.
  56. Making your life reflects what is in your spirit is your job……
  57. The world you live in, you created it…
  58. When you think like a pauper, you will not be on the throne as King for too long.
  59. If you think like a king, you will not stay poor for too long..
  60. Dont stay around losers, Dont let them put you in trouble.
  61. Anybody you Dont influence is influencing you.
  62. You Don’t need money to think big.
  63. Your life moves in the direction of your most dominant thought, and your most dominant thought informs what you say, and by what you say , you create your world.
  64. You have to go with the rhythm of God’s Word.
  65. Process before you talk.
    When you begin to guard your mouth, you are getting ready to be powerful. Dont talk anyhow !
  66. Your whole life move in the direction of what you say….when you speak, you release possibilities.
  67. Stop waiting to see to speak, speak to see it.
  68. Everything must be done by speaking of words..
  69. Till tomorrow, faith still overcomes the world.
  70. The problem is not the word but the recipient’s faith. Faith is the victory.
  71. Anything that doesn’t push you to actions, you Dont believe it.
  72. Your actions reveal what you believe.
  73. It’s the lack of faith that messes you up not what is happening.
  74. You cannot love God and get stuck. A God-lover cannot be forsaken
  75. It’s either you have a covenant with God or something else.
  76. The difference between nobody and somebody is the problem they encounter.
  77. Prayer is the main thing, everything else is for support.
  78. Dont use your head, use prayer.
  79. Prayer is your oxygen.
  80. If you are not praying always, you are out of purpose.

Happy Birthday, Pastor Biodun.


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