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Are Church Brothers Really Boring? – Henshaw Jacobson


I have heard some ladies say that church guys are boring. Well, it might be their church, my church is not boring. And this is why I tell them to try COZA brothers most times. Lols
On the flip side, it could be that their idea of boring is different from mind. Personally, I dont know what means to be bored. I got things to do every day. From reading to thinking to planning to going for meetings, writing, praying…. I have got 99 things to do and boredom is not one of them.

Well, for ladies who still think church guys are boring, here are some things to think about:

1. We are responsible
Even though I Dont know what happens in other churches, I believe the church is a place for not just spiritual growth but a round development of a man giving that a man is a spirit with a soul that lives in the body. In my church, especially if you are a worker, you can’t go through all the home training for a year and with amazing pastors like and not be responsible. The core values of Excellence & Spirituality will force you to be responsible for everything.

2. We are accountable
An average church brother is accountable to himself, his HOD, pastors, mentors, and more. And I’m not sure you want a man who does not respect or listen to anyone, do you?

3. We fear God
Everything is by faith, and by constantly hearing the word , our faith grows and by extension we fear the Lord more. Some of the problems I hear ladies complain about in relationships and marriage wouldn’t be an issue if the man feared God.
Hanti, I know you want to chill with the big boys, but follow a man that fears God. E get why珞

4. We know that God commanded men (husbands) to love their wives. Sisters, this is the scripture you should declare But you know what, you won’t stress yourself if he believes and does the word. Loving you is not optional but a command. And the sisters say Ameeeen

5. We are handsome

Now look these photos. We dey enter your eye, abi?It’s the Lord doing, sister. He maketh everything about us shines brighter including our looks

6. Spiritual sense

Of course, you need both physical and spiritual security as much as you need financial security, these and more you can only get from a church brother.

With these few points, I hope I have been able to convince you that church brothers are rich, handsome, and responsible. However, if you are still interested in yahoo boys. Mummy G.O probably has a message for you 藍

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