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Beautiful Faces At Sophyn’s
‘EL…’ The EP Listening Party


Ediz Wine Bar, the venue for Sophyn’s EP listening party came alive on Saturday 25th, 2022 because of THE SOUTH SOUTH QUEEN.

The listening party started with Jazz music by Soul Plus Band , and they set the tempo for other acts with an entertaining performance. The MC of the day, GSN was at his best dropping jokes back to back while making sure the event go as planned.

Faithful Georgewill was another star of the night. Faithful kept everyone standing throughout his performance and left all the guests asking for more.

And of course, THE SOUTH SOUTH QUEEN brought her A game to her listening party.

In case you didn’t know, SOPHYN is a singer who expresses the depths of soul in her singing; whether it’s fast or slow music- delivering genres with majors bothering on afro fusions, soul and jazz. Sophyn’s EP listening party was fun and entertaining.

See photos below

Meanwhile, the EP has been released officially and you can stream it via this link >> Stream

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