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Deborah Paul Enenche Confirms She Is Not Engaged To Frank Edwards, Promises To Make An Announcement Soon


On Sunday, October 1st, 2022, Deborah Paul Enenche posted a picture of her beautiful engagement ring on her Facebook and Instagram pages without details. She also closed the comments section and left everyone wondering what was happening.

See the post below


We also posted it on our platforms. Meanwhile, one comment on Facebook got our attention. The person said she’s been wearing the ring for a long time and that it was given to her by her father as a purity ring and that she is engaged to Jesus. Though this sounds interesting, it cannot be entirely true, and here is the reason.

Yes, we have been seeing an engagement ring on her finger for some time now, however, this is the first time she’s flaunting it this way. And this is obviously her way of making it known to the public that she is taken.

Surprisingly, some blogs posted that Deborah Paul Enenche was engaged to Minister Frank Edwards and that her fans started sharing the post and congratulating her.

See the fake Frank Edward and Deborah Enenche post below

For clarity purposes and because she’s someone that Naira Diary has established a relationship with, we reached out to her yesterday because we cannot post what we are not sure of – she hasn’t posted herself and today she replied.

See parts of her chat with Naira Diary below

Because we promised to wait till she makes the announcement when she’s ready , this is all we can share for now. Meanwhile, Stay with us for more updates.

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