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Deborah Paul-Enenche Writes Open Letter To Younger Self As She Celebrates Her 28th Birthday


Nigerian gospel singer and lawyer, Deborah Paul-Enenche was born on 28 March 1995. Today, she turns 28. Celebrating and birthday, Deborah an open letter to her younger self. In the letter, Debee called herself a sweet girl and promised to stay unique even as she is committed to depending on the holy for guidance despite negative vibes from those who do not understand her uniqueness. See the letter below.

“An open letter to my younger self…

Dear DeBee 🌸,
You’re such a sweet little girl. You deserve the absolute best that the world can offer. Don’t let anyone make you feel otherwise. The God who made you sees you so intricately and loves you so passionately.

People are going to ostracize you for being so different and attempt to punish you for refusing the status quo. You’ll struggle to make or keep friends and stay on the fringes for years. You’ll be treated poorly by the ones you sacrifice for. You’ll wonder if you matter because noone may seem to care how you feel. You’ll struggle with the pressure for perfection. But it won’t last forever.

One day, one day the world will notice you. One day the things that made you such an eccentric will be why you are celebrated. The very people that have torn you down in the past will struggle to associate with you. You’ll make your family proud. You’ll make God proud. Young people will strive to be like you and follow Abba because of you. Your flaws and missteps will no longer define you.

People may still hate you but this time they won’t be able to deny the greatness in you. You’ll finally love the skin you are born in. You find the type of love you were made to feel you don’t deserve.

It’ll all make sense Dee. Just hang in there. I love you. Abba loves you even more than you can grasp the concept of love. And you have a parents, siblings, family and a whole army of people who do too. Soon, you’ll have a husband who holds you so dear because you’re the most precious gift he’ll ever have.

Just stay close to Jesus. Let the Holy Spirit guide you. Feel the warmth of Abba always. Even when the world feels cold. Even if you’ve meandered from it. Let Him pull you in.

And no matter what, Don’t give up. You’ve got this. Even when it gets good, just know it’s gonna get even better. Don’t be afraid to enjoy it. You are deserving. 🫂❤️

PS:- Give yourself a hug everyday. It’s from Abba From You, 28-year old DeBee”

Happy Birthday, Debee


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