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Dr. Stephanie Oarhe Talks Truelove Relationship Conference 2022, Heart2Heart Foundation, Cheating In Marriage And More


Hey! It’s just 19 days into 2022 and we already have our first Naira Diary Session, and it features the phenomenal Dr. Stephanie Chizoba Oarhe, the founder and facilitator of the Heart2Heart Foundation which is focused on Building Successful Families by Educating married couples, Counseling young adults and holding enlightenment/awareness campaigns.

Dr Stephanie Oarhe wears many hats – she is the co-senior pastor of Hilltop International Christian Centre, one of the fastest-growing churches in Nigeria. She is the host of the annual “True Love Relationship Conference”, She is a relationship management expert, a renowned counsellor and mentor. Through her counseling, many marriages have been saved and her ministry has helped to reduce the rate of divorce and dysfunctional families in Nigeria and many nations of the world.

Dr. Stephanie Chizoba Oarhe

Today, she answers questions on her upcoming event- TRUELOVE RELATIONSHIP CONFERENCE 2022, the theme of the conference “The Cheating Mind” and more.


TrueLove Relationship Conference is a conference that tells a story of real love from real people with real experiences. It also portrays the hurts and experiences of people who have been wounded in the society.

People who believe that as they have been hurt, there might be no healing or escape from the challenges they have seen in their lives.
The conference is there to project the fact that even if you have been hurt, you can be healed and you can find love again.

So Truelove Relationship Conference is a place people get to know that their past experiences cannot determine their future, that love is possible even if you were brought up in an environment devoid of love, that love can be experienced even if you have been heartbroken before. We also let people know that relationships that are broken can be restored. At TRUELOVE Relationship Conference, second chances are possible for those who have been hurt, heartbroken, wounded or betrayed by their partners.

It also exposes participants to the behavioral patterns affecting relationships that we must avoid. It’s a place of information, a place to connect to other young like-minded people , a place for rekindling love and dying relationships. It’s a place of healing, it’s a place of wisdom for longterm relationship and love .

Dr. Stephanie Chizoba Oarhe

Why the theme “The Cheating Mind”?

In my counselling room, I have been privileged to counsel several people and their stories seem to link to a cheating mind. If I may put the rate, maybe about 52%-53% are linked to cheating or assumption of cheating. In some cases there might not be any cheating in reality but a partner may assumed there is a cheating going on because of mannerisms or behavioral patterns that represent cheating. And there may not be cheating.

And now cheating is not only physical or sexual contact but emotional involvement with other people is cheating also. And this alone takes 70% of the people being counseled.
I experience it in my counseling room. Not only that, several people on my Instagram and Facebook community have similar cases all linked to cheating. You hear stories like my Spouse is having an affair or I’m in a relationship and there is another girl involved. There is always someone outside interfering with the unity and the flow of the relationship or marriage. That’s what I have noticed and I said to myself we need to deal with this.

We need to know what causes it.?
Why do people decide to make their partner feel wounded and betrayed by going to another person.?

And men are not the only one that cheat because in my counseling room I found out that married women are also getting involved in extra marital affairs. So it’s something that we must addressed.
At Truelove Relationship Conference, topics that are hidden are talked about.

So this was why I picked this theme “The Cheating Mind” to deal with the issues of cheating.

What should the participants expect ?

I expect every participants to enjoy the word that will come forth, the difference perceptions of the guests speakers and the discussions. The information about what is making people cheat, how people easily fall for cheaters. what happens in relationships if not directed well.

They will learn how to avoid suitors that are prone to cheating because the signs are there. And if you are already married, how do you make your partner to stop cheating? How to live with a cheating partner, how to believe in yourself and maintain your self confidence if your partner is cheating.

Also, they should expect healing. They cannot come and go back the same because the power of God will be released to heal their souls, to heal the wounded and brokenhearted, wisdom for a happy relationship will be available.
Indeed this is a must-attend event.

So, who is this event for?

TRUELOVE Relationship Conference is for everybody who wants to enjoy their relationship or marriage- Married, singles, Divorced, Separated, Brokenhearted. It’s open to everyone and it’s FREE.
You just have to register for free and show up ready to learn even as we believe God to do only what He can do.

How can someone register?
Go to my website https://www.drstephanieoarhe.com/tlrc2022

It’s a four days program from February 11th -14th February 2022 and the venue is Hilltop International Christian Center .

Time: 5pm daily.
Sun: 11am

See eflyer for more details.

For more information, Call 07069106560.


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