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FIRSTLOVE Assembly Ignite Conference 2021: 10 Takeaways From Day One


Wow! The day we all waited for finally came. If you were not at Ignite Conference 2021 organized by FIRSTLOVE Assembly, Rumoukwuta, Port Harcourt, hurry to their Facebook page or Youtube channel to watch the recorded videos from live streaming because you have missed alot.

Pastor Wisdom Osiri and Pastor Emmanuel Itau we’re on fire yesterday. Not forgetting the of God through the mouth of the General Overseer of FIRSTLOVE Assembly, Rev Simeon Afolabi.

Well, here are the 10 takeaways from yesterday’s sessions:

  • “Anything that denies you of intimacy with Jesus wants to kill you” -Emmanuel Itua

  • “The type of life you’re getting is proportional to the quality of relationships you keep” – Wisdom Osiri
  • 10 persons you need in your life
  • A mentor
  • A friend
  • A colleague
  • An enemy
  • A protege
  • A critic
    7.A motivator
  • A failure
  • A fickle
  • God
    -Pst Wisdom Osiri
  • “The best form of revenge is to be exceedingly successful” – Wisdom Osiri

  • “Knowledge is knowing WHAT to do,
    Understanding is knowing WHY you are doing it,
    Discretion is knowing WHEN to do it,
    Wisdom is knowing HOW to do it” – Wisdom Osiri

  1. “We are made for God’s presence”.
    “It’s your personal revival that brings a general one” – Emmanuel Itua

  1. “Holiness is a by-product of intimacy with God” – Emmanuel Itua
  • Things we should hunger for:
  • Lifelong commitment to grow in intimacy with Christ
  • A desire to know and encounter God’s presence and His power
  • A deep hunger to worship God in spirit and have no confidence in the flesh
    -Emmanuel Itua
  • “An enemy is as important as a friend. There’s a type of motivation that can only come from an enemy”
    -Wisdom Osiri

  • “It took a Goliath to bring out the best in David” –
    Wisdom Osiri


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