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Hallelujah Festival: Nathaniel Bassey Announces Next Edition of the Hallelujah Challenge with Dunsin Oyekan, Victoria Orenze, and Ntokozo Nbambo


Nathaniel Bassey, the renowned Nigerian gospel singer, pastor, and trumpeter, and the esteemed host of the widely celebrated Hallelujah Challenge, has excitedly announced the forthcoming edition of this transformative event. This time, it’s going to be a one-day physical gathering called the “Hallelujah Festival,” taking place at the prestigious Eko Hotel and Suites in Lagos.

Known for his soul-stirring songs such as “Imela” and “Onise Iyanu,” Nathaniel Bassey has captured the hearts of millions with his powerful worship anthems. With the upcoming Hallelujah Festival, he aims to unite believers from various denominations for a momentous celebration of faith and praise.

The Hallelujah Challenge, initially an inter-denominational virtual gathering on various online platforms, has now evolved into an eagerly anticipated physical event. Pastor Nathaniel Bassey’s vision behind this event is to create a powerful atmosphere of worship, drawing believers closer to God through heartfelt praise and inspiring messages.

At the Hallelujah Festival, attendees will be treated to an unforgettable worship experience led by renowned guest artists, including the exceptionally talented Dunsin Oyekan, the anointed Victoria Orenze, and the internationally acclaimed Ntokozo Mbambo. Their soulful voices and heartfelt renditions will undoubtedly elevate the atmosphere, stirring spirits and ushering in a profound encounter with the divine.

The Hallelujah Challenge itself is an hour-long online praise program that takes place during specific periods each year, as guided by God and directed by Pastor Nathaniel Bassey. It has garnered a massive following, attracting believers from around the world who join together in unity and reverence, lifting their voices in harmonious worship.

The upcoming Hallelujah Festival signifies a remarkable expansion of this virtual movement, providing an opportunity for participants to gather in person and experience the power of praise in a grand setting. With its venue at the renowned Eko Hotel and Suites in Lagos, this festival promises to be an awe-inspiring event where the presence of God will be tangibly felt.

As the Hallelujah Festival draws near, the anticipation grows among believers who long for an encounter with God’s glory. The event symbolizes unity, faith, and an unwavering commitment to lifting high the name of Jesus. It serves as a testament to the transformative power of worship and the unifying force of shared devotion.

With Pastor Nathaniel Bassey at the helm, the Hallelujah Challenge and the upcoming Hallelujah Festival continue to inspire and bring believers together, fostering an environment of spiritual growth, renewal, and revival. As attendees gather at the Eko Hotel and Suites, hearts will be stirred, souls will be refreshed, and lives will be forever changed by the incredible outpouring of worship and praise.


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