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Hope Thomas Calls Out Ex-Husband, Ken Wali For Almost Killing Her In The Name Of Marriage


Hope Thomas, a London-based Nigerian lawyer today narrated how her ex-husband and learned colleague, Ken Wali who lives in Port Harcourt almost killed her in the name of marriage.

In her words:

“My abuser said he needed to tame me down, that the way he is seeing me, I might become richer than him in the future and I won’t be loyal again…

Just like Osinachi, my abuser won’t allow me to go for paid events. They will have to call him and beg for me to come and perform. He is on this Facebook 😭 I go beg tire.

This late Osinachi’s story from beginning to end is almost exactly like mine, only that I did not DIE….

Dear my Abuser learned senior,

If colleagues are calling you, tell them you are sorry ooo because I will definitely want to hear your defense(if any).

You honestly don’t want me to say 40% of what you did to me. I only said 30% in the divorce petition and e shock Mi Lord.

Should I start from the end or the beginning? Or should I start from how you confiscated all the marriage certificates so that I won’t have anything to file with? No duplicate at the registry? Or you writing to the court that the court lacked jurisdiction and if I claim the court has jurisdiction, I should tender a marriage certificate? I SURVIVED YOU.

I doubt I will ever hear of or experience any wickedness higher than yours. From what I’m hearing that you’re saying, repentance is far from you and your kind….

Or, should I say how you haven’t allowed me access to pick even one dress even though I was pregnant and begging you till date?

I finally left everything for you including all my law books from University to Law school. I started afresh with the t-shirt, jean, slippers and rubber band phone that your friend bought for me. I sold the remaining ring at Dline to feed.

The only thing I told you was that YOU ARE NOT GOD!

I WAS RIGHT! God will NEVER be man”

See some screenshots below

We are sharing this to amplify her story, give her a voice, and by extension end domestic violence.
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