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I No Longer Sell Cheap Real Estate. I Will Block You If You Price Me Cheap – Stephen Akintayo


Mr. Stephen Akintayo has made the new revelation. The CEO GText Homes today, December 14, 2022, said will not attend to cheap clients with less than a 1 million dollar budget.

In his words;

“5Billion Dollar #Dubai World Island Project inspection today with Lilly and My team here in Dubai. Did a full shoot of the entire 6 Island out of the over 300 world island.

I no longer sell cheap Real Estate!!! I will actually block you if you price Me cheap. We have many people doing same business , meet my competitors or My staff if you have Low Budget . I will no longer limit My dreams or value because your budget is small.

I am starting New Blog for properties that are iconic, luxurious and over 1Million dollars above.

In 2023. I vow not to sell any property less than 1Million Dollars. I will not attend personally to any client buying less than 1Million Dollars in 2023.

Hate it if you like, I have massive charity vision and I can’t reach those vision with cheap clients. I have competitors selling cheap product do business with them but if you want to come to Me. It’s luxury and expensive. No More Selling Myself Cheap ! This is business! I didn’t kill JESUS and I don’t owe you. My value is My value, pay or leave Me alone. Cheap Client give Headache and think they own you, they think they did you a favor doing business with you. Rich client , thank you for paying you well. I have tasted Cheap Client before and I have tasted Rich Client and I Choose Rich Client.

Big budget or small budget , I still love you same but choose to do business with Big Budget.”


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