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Ima Obong Udoh Leads Protest In Uyo, Demands Justice For Ini Imoren


Ima Obong Udo is a feminist, social media influencer and the founder of Speak Up Girl Initiative, a platform she created to fight violence against women, help women speak up and get justice. Today, she and other women in Uyo, Nigeria took to the street of Uyo to make their voices heard.

This came eight days after Ini Unoren was raped and killed in Uyo.

Ini Umoren’s sad story made news after her friend, Umoh Uduak, raised an alarm on Twitter on April 30, that Ini was missing after going for an interview.

Ini had gone online on April 27, to appeal for job, unfortunately she fell in the hands of a rapist and murderer.  

Police arrests suspect involved in the death of Akwa Ibom job seeker, Ini Umoren; confirms the victim was raped, murdered and buried in a shallow grave (video)

On Sunday morning May 2, her friend Uduak, who she last spoke to, gave an update saying Ini was raped, killed, and buried.

So far, there is no update from the police as to what is going on with the case. And I think this is why Ima Obong Udoh decided to demand justice through peaceful protest .


We have to come together and;
Fight as one against abuse and injustice;
We all must learn to;
Use our voices;
To break the age long shackles of bondage;
And make our society;
Safe for women and girls;
To live and move and work and become;
We must learn to speak-up and not shut-up;
One woman’s silence is every woman’s risk.

We say;
Fear not;
Speak-up girl!

We say;
Shame not;
Speak up girl!

The Speak Up Girl Initiative is just five days old but they already have over 2500 people in their Facebook group as at the time of writing this post and so many women are coming out to share their horrible stories.

We celebrate Ima Obong Udoh for leading this movement.


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