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Judikay Celebrates Birthday With A Book Launch, ‘I HAVE WHAT I SAY’


Judikay, one of the biggest voices in the Gospel music scene in Africa has released a book titled “I HAVE WHAT I SAY” to celebrate her birthday. It’s an E-Book of affirmation.

Speaking on why she wrote the book, she said music alone can’t capture what she had to say and so writing bacame the best way to pass her message. In her words: “There is so much to be communicated on this subject that a song would surely not be able to capture in detail hence the need to pen it down in a book. Did you know It wasn’t the giants in Canaan who kept Israel from entering in? If it had been the giants, they would have defeated Joshua and Caleb, just as they did the rest of the spies. No, the 10 spies defeated themselves. It was their wrong thinking, wrong believing, and wrong talking that defeated them.

It is not the giants in life who defeat people.
It is not the storms of life that defeat you. It is not the devil who defeats you. If you are in a defeated situation, check for wrong thinking, wrong believing, and wrong talking.”

In another post, Judikay said:

‘’Life is what it is; sometimes, people go through bad situations and get stuck, while others go through similar situations and come out rejoicing. Seeing things like this play out repeatedly teaches us that the impact of negative situations on us is more about perspective than experience.
In this book, I will show you how the Bible teaches us to approach situations’’

I HAVE WHAT I SAY is an e-book of Affirmations by Judikay. It contains affirmations that reveal to you who you are in Christ.

The book is on Amazon, Okada books and Selar and you can buy it for N2,000.

Click here to buy https://solo.to/judikay

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