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Juliet Ibrahim Breaks Her New Year Resolutions, Plans To Do Better In 2021


Before the new year, almost everyone was talking about their plans for 2020- how they will slay their goals in 2020 and how they intend to be a better version of themself. Now we are in 2020, every James and their dog is shouting “new year, new me’’.

From Whatsapp status to Instagram stories to Facebook to Snapchat, the “new year, new me’’ anthem is trending like Ebuka’s agbada to Banky W And Adesua’s wedding.

If you are connected with me on social media, chances are you have noticed that I’m yet to post a new year message. I just don’t like following the crowd.

I believe in goal setting. I believe in SWOT analysis. Besides, I’m naturally curious and analytical.

But I started working on my 2020 goals in November 2019.

And I think new year resolution is overrated.

Why wait till the new year to start doing what you need to do to become better?

Why wait till new year to change what you can change now?

Since you became an adult, new year resolution has been your ritual yet you barely stick to it for a month.


I believe the best time to something is NOW.

Do you want to stop smoking? Do it now.

Do you want to stop cheating on your partner? Do it now.


For Juliet Ibrahim, her new year resolution was to stop drinking champagne, unfortunately, she broke her resolution in less than twenty-four hours. Mad O!

She didn’t stop there, she went on Instagram to announce how she already messed up up 2020 and how she will definitely make 2021 better. Who did this her?


At first, i thought that the clout chasing community has finally added their WhatsApp group and it’s perhaps her first experiment, not until she responded with another Instagram post explaining why she said she already f**ked 2020.

” I appreciate everyone for showing concern yesterday.
So, here’s what happened in 2020 already.
I planned that I would quit drinking Champagne for my New Year’s resolution, but I remembered that nobody likes a quitter. #2021 I’ll do better for sure. 🤷‍♀️🙆🏻‍♀️😭👀👀🤫🤣 #atoasttolife” .

The truth is that there are many out there like her but because she is a celebrity and she posted it online, its as if she is the only one who broke their new year resolutions while others are still sending new year messages to friends and families.

Well, do you have a new year resolution? if yes, share with us.


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