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KO Baba Is Breaking The Ceilings With The ‘MAYOR OF PITAKWA’ Comedy Show On Easter Monday In Port Harcourt – Get Your Tickets


On Monday, June 27th 2021, KO Baba made history when he hosted the first edition of the Mayor of Pitakwa comedy show selling out Aztech to further establish himself as the Mayor of Pitakwa.

The event which featured some of the best comedy acts in Nigeria: Akpororo, Kenny Blaq, Pashun, Akpan Okon, Mudiaga, Okon Lagos, MC JP, GSN, Danny Spry, Small Pepper, Payo G, Adviser and Dr Vee with a special appearance by Julius Agwu, was considered the biggest comedy show in Port Harcourt in 2021.

The success of the show was not only for him but the entire creative community in Port Harcourt  as he inspired many youngsters and made them see more possibilities moving past their self-imposed ceilings.

On Easter Monday, April 18th 2022, KO is doing it again with 15 comedians, 2 dance crew, 1 DJ and one band. And this time, he’s looking to sell out EUI. It’s scary though giving that EUI is to the South-South what 02 Arena is to London. And so far, nobody in his league has attempted it. But of course that’s why he’s the Mayor of Pitakwa.

The Mayor of Pitakwa comedy show is not just about comedy, no. Humour is just the icing on the cake, breaking the ceilings, telling the Pitakwa story from his position and inspiring greatness is what its a about.

For instance, KO is bringing blockchain technology into comedy and entertainment. The payment option for his ticket is not limited to cash but there is e-ticket and you can pay with cryptocurrency. This is innovative! And I’m sure after this show, many will start calling him the “Crypto Comedian”. Smiles…

KO also has partnerships with other blockchain technology projects and they are working creatively together to make the show a success while also making sure the gospel of crypto is heard and accepted by more comedians and entertainers.
This is why I say that the MAYOR OF PITAKWA 2022 is about breaking the ceilings and telling the Port Harcourt from a completely different viewpoint.

But that’s not all. There’s a comedy challenge and the winner will go home with 100k.
See details on the flyer below.

The MAYOR OF PITAKWA 2022 is on Easter Monday, April 18th 2022.
See flyer for details .

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