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Laterras R Whitefield’s Daughter, Laterria Whitefield And Tay Cosby Are Married


Host of Dear Future Wife Podcast and three times Emmy Nominated filmmaker, Laterras R Whitefield has given his daughter out for marriage. His daughter, Laterria Whitefield got married to Tay Cosby in December 2022.

Sharing updates about their wedding, Laterras R Whitefield wrote;

”I just gave my daughter Laterria Whitefield razsane away to Tay Cosby . I passed the covering of my daughter to a man who I feel cherishes her heart, brings her emotional security and will honor her until death do them part. For years, I affectionately called him her friend-thats-a-boy. Today, he graduated to “husband”… A powerful mandate with an etymology that means householder.

Before we entered the ceremony, my heartbeat and I locked eyes. No words were spoken. Tears fell. We communicated so much in silence. We spoke nonverbals only a present father and a trusting daughter could speak. We chuckled to break the sudden rush of emotions.

Their friendship began in middle school. Grew in high school. Cultivated in college. Solidified on the 30th day of December. A simple ceremony but the gravity of this commitment is intricate. God was present.

I’m a father-in-love.

Laterras R. Whitfield (2022)

See photos from Laterria Whitefield And Tay Cosby wedding we have so far

Congratulations to the couple.

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