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Marksman Ijiomah Of Chinmark Group Returns To Social Media, Begins Verification And Payment


Marksman Ijomah Chinedu, the CEO of Chinmark Group has returned to social media almost a year after he was alleged to have used an investment scheme to dupe thousands of Nigerians of their hard-earned money to the tune of over N20 billion, without any intention to restitute or pay the same back.

In his post today March 15, 2023, on Facebook, the one-time Facebook’s most popular motivational speaker and ‘Red King’ said he has commenced the verification and repayment process. He asked his partners to send the required documents to enable him and his team to facilitate their payments.

He posted, “Marksman Ijiomah Of Chinmark Returns To Social Media, Begins Payment

Dear Valued Partners

We have commenced our verification and repayment process for partnership funds. To ensure that the process is conducted efficiently and accurately, we kindly ask that you provide us with the following documents:

Original Partnership Documents:
Please provide the original partnership documents that have been duly signed and stamped by your company. If you have recently undergone a merger or top-up, we kindly ask that you include both the initial and merged partnership documents for our records.

Payment Receipt/Invoice:
We require a copy of the payment receipt or invoice for the transaction in question. This document should clearly state the amount paid, the date of payment, the name of the company account that payment was made to, and if applicable, the amount topped up and the bank paid to.

Interest Received:
Please provide details of any interest that you have received on your partnership funds so far. This information will be used to calculate the total amount that is owed to you. Please note that any interest received will be deducted from the total amount owed, and the remaining balance will be paid back to you.

Account Details:
To ensure that all repayments are made to the correct account, please provide us with the account details that were used in making the partnership payments. This will ensure that all repayments are made to the correct account and avoid any delays or errors.

Please send all documents and information to our dedicated email address for partnership refunds, chinmarkrefund@gmail.com. It is important to note that any information from any source other than this official channel is not from Chinmark Group. We advise that all communications regarding partnership refunds should be sent to chinmarkrefund@gmail.com. Any mail sent outside this email will not be treated.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding your partnership funds please do not hesitate to contact us ,
we are committed to ensuring that our verification and repayment process is conducted with utmost diligence. We kindly ask for your patience as we review and verify the documents provided.
Once we have completed the verification process and calculated the total amount owed, we will notify you of the balance to be paid back to you.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.”


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