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Meet Tiwa Pever Anpee: The Rising TikTok Sensation and Purple Speedy’s Sister

Tiwa Pever Anpee's age, favorite meal, childhood dreams, boyfriends, birthday and more


10 Things To Know about Tiwa, Purple Speedy Sister

1. Her name is Tiwa Pever Anpee
2. Tiwa is single. Though they rumours that she was dating fellow Tiktok dancer, CDY Voltage, Tiwa while answering questions from fans on Instagram during her ‘Anything Nice” session on Saturday 27, July 2023 used the opportunity to clear the air warning everyone who has been spreading rumours to desist from it maintaining that they are just close friends who like creating content together. This is also the case with Beauty Gooddess and Softy Made It who also denied being in a relationship saying they are good friends who enjoy content collaboration.
3. She is Purple Speedy younger sister and the third in a family of four.
4. Her tribe is Tiv, in Benue State
5. Tiwa is 19 year old
6. Tiwa’s favorite meal is Spaghetti. When asked about her favorite meal, Tiwa said she likes junk food, but that she likes Spaghetti
7. Tiwa dream while growing up was to be an Architect. Now she’s a dancer , and influencer and Tiktoker
8. Unlike her sister , Purple Speedy whose favorite colour is Purple, Tiwa does not have a favorite colour
9. Tiwa’s birthday is November 25th
10. Her favorite outfit is anything crop top and trouser.

Tiwa Pever Anpee is a rising star with a vibrant personality, enchanting her followers with her dance moves, creative content, and authentic self-expression. Keep an eye on this talented individual, as her journey is just getting started!


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