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Pastor Biodun And Pst Modele Set To Storm Port Harcourt With The Gratitude


The first time I wrote about The Gratitude was when they won the Best African Choir Group at African Gospel Awards in Ghana. 
The second time was when they won the Choir Of The Year at the UK Gospel Touch Music Awards.  
Still, in 2019, they won the Outstanding Kingdom Lyricist Of Excellence in Kenya.

The Gratitude is perhaps the best thing that has happened to the Gospel music space in Nigeria.


It’s unconventional to see a gospel music group consciously influencing culture and spearheading new gospel-inspired movements in a setting where almost everything is designed to antagonize biblical values.

My first experience with the Gratitude got me dancing in church like a modern David. Smiles…
You know that moment you suddenly display a skill you never knew you had? Well, that was it for me. The memory and impacts are still as fresh as the anointing in their lives.

I’m writing about them this time with great joy knowing I’m going to watch them live and their ministration is going to cause a shift in many lives in the city of Port Harcourt. This is one concert I wish I could get everybody in Port Harcourt to attend ( please help me share this article after reading).

Talking About Pastor Biodun!

Writing about his coming is very emotional for me.
I still remember seeing a handsome looking man in a video on my Instagram explore page. I thought he was one of those successful business leaders who are leveraging digital tools to build influence and promote their interests. Honestly, I wouldn’t have watched that video if I knew he was a pastor ( that time pastors were annoying and church was boring for me). I watched it because I love listening to successful entrepreneurs and I was hoping to learn a thing or two.

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He was talking about faith and how everything can be achieved with faith as a christian. I didn’t hesitate to follow him and check out more of his videos. The next thing I was looking for his church and where to locate them in Port Harcourt. Luckily for me, I found a COZA page on Instagram, dropped a comment on their post and someone responded and gave me directions to the COZA campus in Port Harcourt.

Before now, I was going to church because everybody goes to church on Sunday, and perhaps so i wouldn’t have to explain to my religious neighbours why i did not go to church. But, today, I look forward to hearing the word, I look forward to the worship and prayer sessions, and my department has become my new family. I now have a pastor who is blessed with the gift of teaching the word in Pastor Wole, and church is no more boring for me.

Don’t you think I’m blessed? Yes, I am.

I will call this MY COZA EXPERIENCE. And I’m writing this because I want others to have the same experience, or even more.

I’m Grateful To God For Pastor MO

The first time I saw her lead prayers, I was like, why didn’t I locate this church since? I was asking myself, “how come nobody told me or invited me to this church until I found it through PB on Instagram?

Pastor MO does not just pray, she declares the word with authority.
Through her, I have learned to always find a word for everything and declare it with confidence.
And when she’s preaching, you will always know you are in church.

Pastor Modele Fatoyinbo is a master at turning the word of God into supercharged prayers.”

Now imagine a weekend with The Gratitude, The Avalanche, Pastor MO and PB.

Won’t you rather join us for an unusual experience on Saturday and Sunday, January 29th and March 1st?

Saturday is the concert with The Gratitude and Avalanche, while Sunday is the big day. And Pastor Biodun and Pastor Modele will be in both services…
The venue is Aztech Arcum, 98 Stadium Road, Port Harcourt.

The time is 9 am on Saturday and Sunday.
For more information, call 08110115499.
Also, follow the church on social media @Cozaph.

Written by Henshaw Jacobson, a COZA member from Port Harcourt campus.



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