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Ruth Okoro, The Lady Making Nigerians Happy On Facebook This Christmas

How Okoro Ruth And Her Santas Are Giving Hope To The Hopeless This Christmas


Christmas is an annual festival commemorating the birth of Jesus by Christians all over the world.

It is that time of the year you are free to spend all your savings without questioning, parte after parte, travel and spend time with family and friends, eat like a pregnant woman and forget your weights. Lol.

The beautiful thing about Christmas is gifts-giving, and one of the main reasons we have the custom of giving and receiving presents at Christmas is to remind us of the presents given to Jesus by the Wise Men: Frankincense, Gold and Myrrh. But Ruth Okoro has taken it to another level.

Ruth Okoro is not a politician, she is not a pastor, neither  does she run a foundation. Ruth is a Nigerian who works as an events anchor/red carpet host and handmade shoe seller from Delta State, Nigeria.

She started giving out bags of rice, cooking oil, seasoning cubes, salt and ankara wrappers from the first week of December, and so far over 50 families have benefited from her Christmas gitfs giving.

Normally, we see give away on Instagram and most of them are either chasing clout or trying to build brand awareness for their business. Some are nothing but audio give aways.

But Ruth is doing it just to put a smile on people’s faces. She does not ask you to take any actions like follow an account, like a post, repost or tag people to win. And she sends the items to the winners and pays for the waybill. How beautiful!

In her words “Giving without any expectations brings results.

A while ago, someone asked for my account details and he said he wants to buy me Christmas chicken. I obliged his request. A few minutes later, i saw an alert of 10k from him.

I needed that money oh but i gave it out immediately…

After some days,a certain boss that promised to buy me Christmas goat asked for my account details and few minutes later an alert of 50k dropped. My jaws dropped too.. After a while the same boss who gave me 50k for goat actually got gifted with a live big goat from someone else too. You see the sequence, right?

Why am i writing this? Giving has principles, some of you don’t know that you don’t need to be a billionaire before you can start emulating the spirit of giving not just giving but giving without expectations cause when you give with expectations on your mind, it will be cut short..

I don’t have everything i want in life but at every stage in my life, i try as much as possible to be contented and grateful to God always. I try as much as possible to still give from the little i have..

I have seen the hands of God move so tremendously in my life as a result of the little giving without expectations i partake in.

You can actually be a blessing to others while waiting for your own blessings.”

Some of the beneficiaries:

This is my first time to receive a gift here on facebook with no stress.

All thanks to Okoro Ruth and Santa 2.

I pray that God keep blessing and elevating you both in all-round Amen.
Thank you, Ruth.
Thank you,Santa.’’


Nmesoma Onyeka


Okoro Ruth is a queen!
Don’t ask me why, just follow her and be blessed by her ministry.
She’s the real definition of the virtuous woman.

Thanks, ma’am, I got it.
Thanks to the Santa too.”

Laura Chukwudi          


“Social media has done me good than bad, i have met wonderful people here, i have learnt a lot here, i have received gifts from here shoe, clothes, money and now rice and groundnut oil…

Okoro Ruth i just picked my rice and i sat down to check if i have done something special to you and i can’t find… You have some many friends on your list but you chose me.. I am grateful for this gift… May God continue to bless you and the giver… Happy Christmas and happy new year in advance”

Now imagine a Nigeria with more people like Ruth and her Santas.

Indeed she has done well and she deserves all the accolades.

We pray for God to bless her and her sponsors abundantly.

If  truly the season is all about love, then we should all speak and act love and  Remember LOVE IS A VERB.


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