Archbishop Benson Idahosa was a great apostle of God in Nigeria and the world in general. He gave his life to Christ at a very tender age and started working in rare dimensions of radical faith in God Almighty.

He through the power of God did exploits ordinary people couldn’t do. He healed the sick people and perform all manner of miracles.

Archbishop Idahosa travelled a lot because of the various invitations he received from different countries. He did that with joy and passion and the miraculous followed as he prayed for the sick, dead, lame, blind and all.

In the year 1985, he was to hold a crusade in Ibadan, Nigeria; being a strategist he understood the challenge at the time. He thought on how to connect to the people without any form of restriction by the people. He prayed and he had the strong persuasion in him to invite Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke.

However, before Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke decided to come for the crusade he had understanding of whom Archbishop Idahosa was and the ‘voltage’ of the power of God he carries. Reinhard Bonnke had also been working in the power of God where he started out in Lesotho. He has visited Zambia, Togo, Uganda and many more countries for crusades with tens of thousands in attendance.

At a point in the ministry of Reinhard Bonnke when he invited Pastor Kenneth Copeland to his crusade Kenneth Copeland prophesied that he was going to start reaching out to millions of people but he never knew how it would happen.

As Archbishop Idahosa invited him for the crusade in Ibadan, he came to Nigeria 9 weeks before the crusade with his team for the first time to meet with Archbishop Idahosa to fine-tune modalities for the crusade.

Before the meeting with the Archbishop, he had this “irritation” about the way Archbishop Idahosa ministers. Benson Idahosa will always like to pray for the sick before salvation message to the people but Bonnke believed salvation message first before miracle. After the meeting he felt he was led to come for the crusade in Ibadan.

In preparation for the powerful crusade, Archbishop Idahosa had ordered the printing of one million five hundred handbills, fifty thousand posters and 2000ushers to distribute the handbills and paste posters. Jingles were on the national radio and television to sensitise people for the crusade.

The people were fully ready for the great day. All preparations for the arrival of Evangelist Bonnke and the staging of the crusade were on top gear. The Evangelist arrived some days to the historic event with some international friends of the ministry.

Finally, the day for the crusade came and there were unprecedented miracles, impartations, deliverances, salvation and Holy Ghost baptism. It was really a fire crusade. The ministration between Bonnke and Idahosa were alternated. 

Millions of people trooped in for the crusade and thousands of souls were rescued from the kingdom of darkness into light. There was a fresh release upon the life of Reinhard Bonnke as a result of the crusade.

After the crusade in Ibadan, Reinhard Bonnke went to Ghana and had over 800,000 people tin attendance. Reinhard Bonnke started making plans to come to Nigeria again but this time it will be on the on the platform of Christ for all Nations. His plans worked out he came and the crusade was successful.

This was how the ministry door was opened to Reinhard Bonnke in Nigeria through Archbishop Idahosa. The Archbishop was also instrumental in bringing to pass the prophecy of Kenneth Copeland upon his ministry.


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