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What You Should Know About The Steve Harvey And Wife Marjorie’s Marriage


Facts About The Steve Harvey And Wife Marjorie’s Marriage

  1. Steve and Marjorie Harvey first met in the early 90s at a Night Club in Memphis, Tennessee while Steve was still married to his first wife Marcia Harvey.
  2. They had an instant connection and sparked a relationship but Steve was still broke and Marjorie walked away from the relationship.
  3. In 1994, Steve and Marcia got divorced.
  4. Steve met Mary Shackelford and got married with her in 1996.
  5. In 2005, Steve and Mary got divorced.
  6. In the Same 2005, Steve’s bodyguard suggested that Steve should reconnect with Marjorie.
  7. In 2007, Steve married Marjorie and called her the true love of his life.

Marjorie is the only woman who has waited for a man to divorce 2 different women before settling down with her after meeting him while in his first marriage.

Marjorie is a record breaker and a proof that true love can wait for as long as possible. (Just kidding)

Will Steve divorce a 3rd time? I doubt. Even if there’s any truth in the rumours making rounds, I think Steve will do everything possible to make it work – because of his pride. No man goes through a 3rd divorce and gets a pat on the back.

And about the rumours – if celebrity fake news lasts more than 48 hours without the celebrity directly refuting it, it’s either that the celebrity is behind the fake news for clout chasing or he’s enjoying his name going viral or there’s an atom of truth in it. And for those who would say – Steve can’t chase clout, his twitter handler just admitted to making a post solely for clout chasing. Every big name needs clout to remain relevant. Even Ned Nwoko likes clout.

I hope the rumours are fake like Hakimi… But if they emerge true, I hope Steve never marries again.


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