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Why Blessing CEO Was Arrested And Remanded At The Federal High Court


Social media influencer and relationship expert, Blessing Okoro, who is popularly known as “Blessing CEO,” has been remanded in custody by the Federal High Court in Lagos on March 31, 2023, for alleged cyberbullying.

It should be remembered that Bimbo passed away after being injured in a fire that occurred in her residence at Megamound Estate.

Her sister had accused her brother-in-law of domestic violence as the cause of her death.

However, a relationship therapist named Blessing claimed that Bimbo, who has passed away, was a violent and suicidal person.

The police filed a six-count complaint against the self-described relationship expert, accusing her of cyberbullying, libel, and showing unedited movies. In addition, she was charged with harming the reputations of Folashade Samuels and the late Bimbo Ogbonna by exposing them to hostility, contempt, and ridicule through the usage of her Instagram handle, @officialblessingceo.

Following her arraignment, Justice Yelim Bogoro ordered that Blessing CEO be remanded in the custody of the Nigerian Correctional Services (NCoS) until May 30th, 2023. This decision was made to ensure that she does not interfere with ongoing investigations or abscond from the court’s proceedings.

This case highlights the need for individuals, especially those with large followings on social media, to be aware of the impact their words and actions can have on others. Cyberbullying and online harassment have become significant issues in recent years, and legal systems around the world are taking steps to combat this trend.

The case against Blessing CEO is a reminder that individuals must exercise caution when using social media and ensure that they do not engage in behavior that could be considered harassment or cyberbullying. Failure to do so could result in serious legal consequences, including imprisonment, as seen in this case.

It is crucial for everyone to remember that the freedom to express oneself online comes with responsibilities, and that cyberbullying and harassment have real-world consequences for the victims. It is essential for social media platforms to take measures to prevent such behavior from occurring and to promote a safer and more inclusive online environment.

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