Home Celebrity Scoop Why I Declined Fela’s Marriage Proposal” – Onyeka Onwenu Opens Up

Why I Declined Fela’s Marriage Proposal” – Onyeka Onwenu Opens Up


In her candid autobiography, “My Father’s Daughter,” veteran Nigerian singer Onyeka Onwenu unveiled a fascinating chapter of her life involving the legendary musician, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti. Onyeka revealed that Fela had approached her for marriage in the 1980s, a proposal she gracefully declined, and the reasons behind her decision are both intriguing and revealing.

During her encounter with Fela at his club in 1984, shortly after his release from prison, he expressed his desire to make her his wife. However, Onyeka, being a possessive lover, found herself unable to comprehend Fela’s unconventional approach to relationships, given his numerous wives.

Reflecting on the incident, Onyeka wrote, “Fela wanted to marry me, and I was flattered. I thanked him for the honor of wanting me to become his consort, but I turned him down all the same.” She described her reluctance, pointing out her possessive nature and the challenges she foresaw in becoming a part of Fela’s existing harem of wives.

As she waited at the club, Onyeka couldn’t help but notice the evident hostility from Fela’s dancer-wives, who looked at her with disdain and whispered comments as they passed by. Despite her concerns, when she shared her feelings with Fela, he responded with laughter, perhaps finding irony in the situation.

This revelation provides a glimpse into the complex dynamics of Fela Anikulapo-Kuti’s personal life and Onyeka Onwenu’s firm stance on relationships. In sharing her story, Onyeka has opened a window into a fascinating chapter of Nigerian music history, highlighting the challenges and choices faced by strong, independent women in the entertainment industry.


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