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10 COMMANDMENTS ON MARRIAGE By Apostle Johnson Suleman


Apostle Johnson Suleman, the founder and Senior Pastor of Omega Fire Ministries International and CEO of Celebration TV has shared his ten commandments on marriage. See them below.

1. Thou shall have no other woman apart from thy wife. 

2. Thou shall not speak evil of thy wife to their family. Your family members must not know the weakness and pains of your wife, hide it! It’s your private property.

3. Remember the labour of your wife, when you were poor, so when you are rich, honor her.

4. Don’t compare your wife to any woman, even your mother.

5. 6days maximum in week, shall thou work, one day shall be a Sabbath day for thy wife. 

6. Honor thy father and mother in-law, so that their daughter will not return to them.

7. Do not insult your wife in public, so that people will not know your foolishness.

8. Forgive your wife 70×7 in one day.

9. Thou shall make thy wife happy at all times.

10. Thou shall not always say to thy wife, “leave my house” no matter what. I’ve seen certain quarrel in certain houses and the man will tell his wife “you will pack and go”, that’s wrong! You don’t tell your wife to pack and go. What you brought into that home as a man is chairs, tv, generator, building. What she brought was children. What you brought as a man is inanimate and what she brought is lively. So if there is an issue, nobody is going anywhere… Stay in the house, resolve the issue!


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