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7 Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day If You Are Single


Valentine’s Day is celebrated every February 14th, and it’s the most romantic day of the year according to many people.

Two months ago, everybody was talking about Christmas. It was an excuse for reckless spending for many.  For those who did not have enough to spend, to them, life is not fair. Still, there were those that their happiness did not depend on how much they had to spend or how much gifts they received. After a few days, everything went back to normal.
Now, we are talking about Valentine’s Day- a 24 hours celebration.
For some folks, being single on Valentine Day is heartbreaking, maybe because of pressure from their friends who are dating. Well, there are better things you can do on Valentine’s day if you are single.

Here are the ways you can celebrate Valentine’s Day if you are single:

1- Love Yourself
The truth is if you don’t love yourself nobody will. You owe yourself love.
Some of us complain that our partner is not treating us well meanwhile we don’t even know how to treat ourselves. Some of these horrible partners need help, they need to be taught how to love, sadly, many of us cannot teach our partners how to love because we do not even know how to love ourselves to begin with. 
Being loved is good, knowing how to love yourself is better and loving yourself is the best.
So, take out time on Valentine’s day to learn how to love you and practically show yourself, love.

2- Attend A Relationship Seminar

There are a lot of events on Valentine’s day, you can pick the one you like and attend.
It could be a church event for couples or single. It could also be Valentine’s day concert, circular event to teach or promote romantic relationships. Instead of feeling lonely at home, attendant an event on Valentine’s Day, you will learn a thing or two.

3- Give Yourself A Spa Treatment

A spa session is one way to give yourself love, relax and rejuvenate. You can go with your best friend or just have your “me time”. It’s fun, it’s refreshing.Do this on Valentine’s Day and you will feel loved.

4- Read A Book
I’m sure you already know the importance of reading.Well, investing in your intellectual capacity development is the best thing you can do on Valentine’s Day.
There are areas of your life that you need help; you know. Pick a book on that subject and educate yourself.

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This is what I mean: For instance, you know you need to improve in your communication skills, pick a book on communication and commit to finishing it on Valentine’s Day. You can do this with your favorite snacks or biscuit. Reading is a way to go on Valentine’s Day if you are single.

5- Hang Out With Your Single Friends

Yessssss! go out and have fun with your single friends- swim, eat, play games, attend a concert. Just have fun, it’s Valentine’s day.

6- Buy Yourself A Special Gift
You know what you like, go get it for yourself. Be your own Valentine.
I do this when I hit a milestone to celebrate myself. Some times I go to Eden Kingdom Lounge and ask them to set a table for me, I will eat, go home and sleep like a baby.

7- Spend Time With Your Family
Las Las you cannot go and kee yourself. The good news is that your family will always be there for you. Spend time with them. If you are like me, cook afang soup with plenty meat and fish, get fufu and enjoy yourself with your family.
If you have grandparents, hand out with them and help them do a thing or two, it might turn out to be a memorable experience.

Remember, Valentine is just a one-day thing. And if you are dating or married already, I don’t know why love should be a once in a year thing. 
Also, extend love your those who have affected your life in one way or the other, show them you appreciate them with a gift, text message, email or phone call.
It’s Valentine’s day…Love Yourself!

Meanwhile, what are your plans for Valentine’s day?


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