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10 Nigerian Ladies Share Why They Visited A Man Once And Swore Never To Visit Again


Social media has revolutionized how we met and connect with people for business and romantic relationships. 5 out of 10 people getting married every week met on social media. Though most people because of security reasons choose to meet in a public place first, others do not mind going to his or her house. Regardless, if the relationship progresses, you are going to visit him at least to know where he is staying.

Today, we picked ten out of hundreds of first-time visit stories shared by Nigerian ladies that made them not visit again.

Egbune Blessing Uyor :
His name is Phillip from imo state (ideato)so I visited this guy,then I was still in asaba with my transport o,I dress baff well,makr new hair sef,I bought perfume on credit 😁,oga told me he was flying on from Abuja to ideato to complete his building,I was happy I think say I don see boyfriend,na so I enter road around 4pm from asaba(behind coan plaza) heading to Onitsha from there to imo,I got there very late rain even beat me wella for road,we met for the first time and he welcomed me wella,even cook for me (that was the first day I tasted oha soup)e sweet oo,so I baff,mid night oga wan touch me I refuse,cos I didn’t come there for sex,the next day I was sopose to go he tried touching me again I refused,so I prepared to go and requested for 20k ,he said he does not have,I thought he was joking,cos I was left with on #150,so I told him if he doesn’t give me money I won’t go,oga say if I no leave him house him go kill me here,I think say na play oo,I collect slap twice,I stand up to fight him,he rush go bring gun,(apart from movie ,that was the first day I saw gun face to face) Phillip say him go kill me here,I rush break bottle,say I go stab am,the funniest thing is(the compound is surrounded with bushes,if him kill me no one can trace me) lemme stop here sha,I later go without the money ,I enter bus begin beg for money till I reach Onitsha,incalled my frds to come out at our junction so that they can help me pay for transport,na God save me,this thing happened 2020 then I still dey stay asaba ,I will Neva visit any man again

Ogunfolaju Olusayo Ajayi :

We were Yahoo buddies, chatted for more than a year. Talked about virtually everything. Time to visit came. I got lost in the process and finally saw him for the first time around 11:30pm.Went to his house. Behold! Somebody say behold! Immediately I stepped into his home, the first thing that caught my eye was his wedding frame sitting pretty on the wall,🤦‍♀️. O boy, this wasn’t in our conversation ke🤷🏽‍♀️, guy man told me I never asked🤯😳. But, you were all about marriage ke, he said ehn you shulav asked. And that the marriage don fori sonpon.Heyy, oh I earnestly prayed for break of day oo. I con dey beg this man oo,preached, rant o(how can a ĺose my 🌼🌸 to a married man nah)Tor, he say I must do hand job o. Finally, day brake  o, and I no look back.. It’s been 18 years though.”

Merit Tejiri Daniels :

“Lol, first time visit, barely 15 mins i got there,he asked me to go and buy fuel for his gen, for area I nor even know well.Lol, I.sha collected money & gallon, reach road, throway gallon, go my house. 
It’s been years tho, I nor dey do first time visit for man house again”

Favour Agbache Kogoro :

“I was inside sipping the 50cl bottle coke he bought me,, when suddenly there was a koi-koi sound on the door. He went to see who it was and the next thing I heard was babe babe,,, my serious girlfriend don come. Stand up quick quick,,,,,,I stood with my 50cl bottle coke in my hands wanting to finish up make l nor loose for both sides🙄🙄,,, boom,he fling the bottle and push me inside wardrobe. Nah there heat and smelling boxers odour for finish my life😭😭The next thing I hear be say,, baby let’s stroll to mama Nkechi store to buy one cold Malta Guinness,, the way you used to like it. As they moved outside,, he rushed to the wardrobe and said,, “oya de gooooo”Na so I take rush wear my slippers,,no transport fare sef,,, come de road wait for okada,, only to sight my gee de do lovi lovi follow road de come.,,, even waka pass me sef.Na so I take use my tongue count my teeth oohhh 😭😭”

Patience Udofia :
“Bike people was hailing him oga you have carry other one,oga you dey enjoy ooo, all of a sudden he asked me,babe what are they saying 👁️,e shock me he said he is not hearing Akwa ibom language, fear hold me,same thing happened while going the bike man was like nawa ooo,i run i no look back 🏃🏃🏃”

Efemena Blessing Oyegwa:

“I visited and wanted to use the toilet,as I open the lid na swell up shit full inside wey don ferment tire. No water to even use flush am in the W. C or insai bucket. I meet the guy say shuo see wetin I see ,he say their pumping machine spoil so make I take buckets go some compounds away which he described to fetch water to flush. That he intentionally didn’t bother since yesterday cos he wanted to see the wife material in me if I can take care of his home. No need to bandy words with the psycho,I just pick my purse waka. I no get power for too much talk.😪”

Nkem Chizi:
“First impression matters it was just a normal date and it ended in a good vibes n all so we call it a. Night only fir this nigga to not even appreciate with at least a transport fare not like it’s a must but at least like I said first impression matters and he was all about we date n all that I was like wow!!! Ok later on few weeks later i was down after fixing my mom’s shop rent I was down I neded money at least to hold hand I nevee had the intentions of asking him cos I easily get tuend off so fortunately he called just like he normally calls Nd I didn’t know when i tood him I was broke I nded money he quickly ask me to text him my acct details nd I was like oh wow thank goodness,this uncle did not even do as he promised i waited till I got tired 😩Mind you this is the same person that talk about relationship OOO I just weak
And after that first choo since then uncle Been begging n asking m to come around,and I was like the first one I came nothing to show for it I keep on declining his request”

Anyanwu Loveth :
My own story long o locked down period I was just coming back from the market and I meet my old customer and friend in cotonou back then I used to huck food in the market and he buys food from me everyday so we greeted each other and he asked for my number which I gave it to him
He called that same day if am chanced for us to hangout Omo am not doing anything later in the day i went to meet him at bar that day I was craving for ise ewu mixture I ordered for it and bottle of beer Then toasting started oh Mr Man start telling me how he liked me from when I used to huck in the market I said okay that he like us to date I said no p and gave him my own condition on how the relationship is going to work means no sex after 6 months Mr Man agree to my terms and conditions
We hanged out three good times had fun after the outing he will drop me at my place sometimes he will also come pick me up for gym na gym guy to the extend he registered me every morning we go to gym.. Until one day he asked me want I cooked that he went out to get cooked food but he couldn’t see any so offered to give food that day i cooked vegetable soup so I asked him to meet somewhere which he did I hand off the soup to him and asked to get fufu or make eba mr man called me that same day thanking me and telling me how he liked the soup that he will like me to cook the same soup for him I said no problem he said hhe will send the money to me which he did I got the soup stuff and stew stuff rice yam and garri course he sent 20k I called him to come pick me from the market Mr Man came and was asking me what did buy I told him not worry that he see those things when we reach house
Problem start when we reach his house o as the guy open the door Jesus dirty clothes on the sitting room chairs empty bottle water, empty groundnut bottle everywhere Omo I shift the cloth sit down first Mr man show me kitchen Omo pot and plate wey dey take eat like a week ago dey there Omo i come back to the parlor sit down call oga I tell am say I can’t cook inside unless he clears the kitchen,parlor and everywhere he tot I was joking Mr Man was going back and forth with one look on his face and smile and told him unless he do not want me to cook his food at last oga cleaned the kitchen I went in cook and clean the place take my own food and he drop me at my place one Saturday morning Mr Man asked if am doing anything this weekend and I said no he said I should come keep company I said okay he came to pick me on before to his place he said he want to recharge his DStv and no shop is open I offered to do it with my phone which I didI don’t mind spending my money for a guy if you are good to me..on getting to his house oga don pack clothes come out I see the clothes I do eyes like say I no see am he know say he can’t ask me to wash it for him He wait o tire thinking I will offer to wash na so I have dirty clothes at home wey I never wash na to wash another person own as he wait tire he went and start wash his clothes I go just pass greet am well-done but Sha I help am sprend the clothes after everything this oga open mouth tell me say with this your attitude say I no go see husband marry Omo na there e end I walked out without looking back he call and he tire when I saw he again was when I went to renew my driving license Mr man was just following like flies asking me stupid question if you treat me good I will treat you like God but if you use dirty to come try me I will fall your hand big time”.

Daminabo Boma :

First of all, I am not the world neatest girl but I dey try but this experience below was epic! There was alot but I will highlight the major one👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇He had 3 long basket full of dirty cloths …3 days old plates and a littered kitchen… When I questioned him, he gently hugged me and led me out of the kitchen and poured otapiapia on the floor of the kitchen to kill the flies!! 🤦🤦White clothes socked for days in the bathroom. Room unswept!Only the parlor was neat because he said he swept there before I came…Before I left I practically had to force him to tidy his room and wardrobe …. While about to drive me home 🤣 he brought a t-shirt from one of the baskets… Ahhh I scream TAAAAAH… find another one abeg ehh… I take God beg you😢He is just so lucky he doesn’t have body odor because ehh 🤣🤣 it would have been a LOBATAN case…. After dropping me he said arrange your schedule to come over for weekend oh!! I 🤣🤣🤣 and replied am allergic to weekends my dear …(🤦😭🤣in my mind i was like 😲😳😲😳😲😱ahhh n@ this thing una dey see for visitation of man house, una for dey educate me well na… eweeeeeh…atleast a brief manual)… At this point I knew my calling is to be a NUN! I paused Relationship pausedMan house visitation pause!…….. May we give thanks to God for my survival story as we share the grace in fellowship 🤗”

Jennifer Chibuzor Umeh :
“He no allow me to sleep in peace at night 😭😭😭😭me wey like sleep…He just dey climb my body like pussy cat😩”

Mercy Gold :
I don give up on online guys sha😩😩😩😩😩 good example of wat i order vs wat i get😩😩😩😩
One wey we don fall in love finish..going to visit him..we fuvk and i was not impressed..nigga d ask me..babe did u cum😩😩 if i cum u will know sir u don’t need to ask…
Wen i d go nigga grave me 1k 😩😩😩😩😩 i come rememeber if i even give am second round na dis 1k i go rely on ???
Men are wicked..ah no be ashawo oo.but wat is 1k.
1k oo..wat kind of insult is dis??
E mean say i cheap ??Abi i no sweet??
Na y girls d go into hookup be dis..bill dem babe..bill men..dem too wicked 😩😩😩😩😩


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