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I had attended TED X Port Harcourt, honestly I was not expecting much because i was already bought over by more innovative foreign TED x talks i binge-watch on YouTube. The independent versions organised in Nigeria were not entirely bad, only that they are often crammed with politicians and personalities who feel that have so much explaining to do, and uninteresting local content.

But I immediately got rid of any streak of negativity the minute Pamela got on stage. Her powerful voice and the calm that followed what she had to say soon got everyone in the hall sitting and listening.  And for the rest of the day, it did not matter that most of the presenters had nothing but more explaining to do.

Pamela Scott is an alternative Rock Artiste, songwriter and guitarist. She was born on the 11th of March 1998 to the family of Engr. (Dr) Scott Akpila and Mrs. Fortune Akpila. She is the fourth child of seven children and hails from Emago Krubo in Abua/Odual Local Government Area of Rivers State Nigeria.

On 25th of October, she released a five-track EP titled “Who I am” that was welcomed with eagerness by her fans in Port Harcourt and beyond. I was not entirely a convert with the first imprint, but I still joined the rush to download and listen to the album.

I started with Life Guard, and with just the first line she had my full attention. What makes life guard exceptional is its deep and rich lyrics, innovative and danceable beats (so kudos to the producer), and a certain brand of repetition that works. Here, there is the theme of reassurance. She reminds herself to stay calm as there’s that confidence that he is not far, that he is never late but right on time.

In Don’t Lose Faith, there is a slight but good change to something pop-ish, original (black soul music that wants to drag you to a club ish). When she sings “don’t lose faith, don’t you know you are made for greatness?”, it is like a friend talking to a friend.  Overall, Good vocals, my best song yet, and beats that get you going down the church way.

Who I Am– the solemnity of the voice draws you in with no hurry. The piano convinces you of how its involvement in this track is a good idea, as she sings of both inner and outer body acceptance. Her sky-reaching vocals and the vulnerability that seeps through bring tears to your eyes.  She sings with the confidence of someone who has grown into acceptance and acknowledgement of whom she is.

I Remember is simply a song of gratitude. Yet again, she brings her rich vocals and composing skills to our notice. She sings of being thankful to God for the numerous gifts and for his sustained show of love, also recounting the many acts of goodness he has shown. She does all these while keeping you entertained at the same time.

Forward is a strong song of reaffirmation. It also has danceable beats that would get your body moving even if you were tied to a chair. She recognizes a past but vows not to go back to that life replete with pain.  There is a level spiritual depth to this track that gets you all emotional.

Pamela is a great singer and composer. She is experimental and sings with soul. Her melodies are beautiful, easy to sing along to, and are confidently original. Overall, this album is instant goodness, and you can only judge it by the simplicity it presents. It left a nice taste on my buds and I would not mind asking for more.


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