Home Music It’s Hard To Sleep Unless You Want To Be Lazy- Rema

It’s Hard To Sleep Unless You Want To Be Lazy- Rema


“It’s hard to sleep unless you want to be lazy.

You know there are some artists that are like ‘man, I’ve made money, let’s chill, let’s have fun’. But if you have this hungry personality, walahi it’s hard to sleep.

I know I have broken some records, I know I’ve done something very iconic. But with this zeal of dominion, like taking over, nobody is taking my place and I’m trying to flush the game. I can call myself the bad commando. I just see myself as the leader of the new generation. There are other new guys, yes cool. But I have a brand that covers the new generation.

I have the face of the new generation. I have the voice. I have the boldness of the new generation. So a lot of things change like I can’t relate with people that much anymore.

My friends of Benin and those days man, it’s hard. Communication is hard. Apart from communication, we are far. We can’t really relate, they can’t really relate with me that much because they don’t really understand what’s going on here.” — Divine ‘Rema’ Ikubor, 19.


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