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On Phone And Dating: Everybody Is Dating Their Phone, Nobody Is Single


Dating means a different thing for different people; for some are in a relationship, others are in situationships.

However, the dictionary defines dating as ”a form of romantic courtship typically between two individuals with the aim of assessing the other’s suitability as a partner in an intimate relationship”.

Like it or not, the truth remains that we spend more time with our phones than anything else.For some of us, the only thing we cannot do without is our phone.
In a world where trust and true friendship is hard to find, our gadgets become our true friends; while Google remains our most trusted partner.We go to Google when we have questions, we play games or spend time on social when we are bored- this is where we are at the moment. 

We have an intimate relationship with our phones. We sleep with them, eat with them and carry them in our pockets. We check them, on average, 47 times a day — 82 times if you’re between 18 and 24 years old, according to recent data.

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When your partner attends to a phone instead of to you, it feels like rejection—it hurts. Feeling ignored when your partner is on their phone can feel as bad as being shunned.
When a conversation, meal, or romantic moment is disrupted because of a text, email, or any other task, the message is, “What I’m doing on my phone is more important than you right now,” or, “I’m more interested in my phone than in you,” or, in some cases, “you’re not worthy of my attention.”

But, if we are spending more time with our phones than with our partners, what happens to our relationships?

When I think of relationships, I think of friendship where there are infinite lists. I think of the possibility of having someone to share your goals and aspirations with and having them support you physically, psychologically, and spiritually.  I also think of relationships as having someone to celebrate your success with, someone for encouragement during disappointing moments.
Surprisingly, these days we announce and celebrate our success on social media, we also mourn and organize pity parties on social media when there is a tragedy.
Some times we get to know important things about even our family members through their posts on social media.The worst part is when someone will do a wedding or something very important, instead of telling you, they will post it on social media and expect you to see it and react accordingly just because you are following each other on Instagram. Also, it’s no news that everyone depends on Facebook to remember birthdays. 

But is it that everyone is addicted to their phones? 
Is it how the digitalized the world has become? Think about it! 
I’m a big believer in everything digital. It’s beautiful how I can stay for weeks without watching TV and still stay up to date on politics, business, sports and every other thing that interests me.
It’s more beautiful when I’m out of town and still able to join church service, give offering and pray online.But still, I believe there is more to life than digital luxuries. 
There is more to life than social media, likes, brands, followers, and a whole bunch of nonsense that has nothing to do with your joy or fulfillment.If you have a million followers, I can guarantee it won’t make you happy; no vanity metric will do that for you.

We are gradually losing the real human connections that make us humans.
Think about it!


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