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Precious Sogunro: How To Get Over Hurt And Pains


There’s one strong weapon used to eliminate a man, it’s the absence of joy and happiness replaced with the presence of pain and bitterness.

This is so strong it evolves with time and becomes even much stronger and present in the life and daily basis of a person if not treated fast. This deadly virus makes many people begin to go on with life blaming people or situations and growing into haters, gossipers, fighters and angry people.
Pain is like a virus or disease that affects one point and then begins to spread around the affected body until it affects the entirety of the person including his surroundings.

It takes you away from focus and leads you into revenge a journey of destruction, sometimes it takes you away from the purpose and leads you into self-destruction by wrong choices and decisions based on pain.

To every man pain differs; it can be from the past or present or its set like a time bomb for the future. This weapon of destruction affects all three stages of your life: your yesterday, your today and your tomorrow

No man can succeed burdened with pain in him no man can reach greatness with bitterness in him cause this are agents of control in the hearts of men and what controls you determine what you take control over.

A good example of pain and bitterness is a man called Jabez; his pain was caused by the pain of his past from his mother’s pain in labour which she inflicted on him as a curse and this caused him to suffer pain in his life until he found the source of unending joy which is only in Jesus.
You can only enjoy and set yourself loose when you have the right source for your joy to come from. Getting rid of this pain is not easy unless you destroy and let go of the source of the pain and focus your source on channels of happiness and joy based on the actions and memories you create.

We need to understand that pain slows you down because it’s like a poison in your heart and every poison slowly or rapidly takes over the most important organs of a man so also those this agent of destruction called PAIN. 

Types Of Pain
Spiritual pain/Inflicted pain: person inflicted or self-inflicted pain
Physical pain
Emotional pain
Inflicted pain: person inflicted or self-inflicted pain
Medically related pain
Labour pain etc

I will major in spiritual, physical pain and emotional pain. This three major focus of mine is because they are connected to the three main components of a man which is the body, soul, and spirit. Pain in any of these areas can cause drastic life-changing destruction if not attended to early. There’s no pain or hurt that can’t be fixed.
Below are ways you can get over pains and hurt:

1. Accepting that you feel the pain
2. Accepting to make a decision to let go of the pain.
3. Tracing the source of the pain
4. Forgiving yourself and the reason or channel of infliction of the pain you feel.
5. Choosing to look at the good in you and things happening around
6. Understand that the pain was a lesson for a better version of you.
7. Growing into maturity by living above your painful experiences
8. Living every day with a decision to keep yourself happy through Christ
9. Make Christ your source
10. Find the angle of peace in everything and everyone
Prayer points:
Lord help me to forgive myself and everyone who has caused me pain.
Oh lord remove in me by your peace every atom of pain.
My father, please Give me a garment of joy and peace.


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