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10 Nigerians Share How They Met Their Partners


Today on the Nigerians speaks series, it’s about love and how Nigerians met their partners.

Love story 1

“She insulted me cos of a comment I made in Rant HQ and I went to her inbox to insult her, insult her papa and mama and her ancestor join. Naso we begin insult each other until she said she will take me out on a dinner and feed me and all my family then I fixed a date for her to cone feed only me. As we speak today, she don born twins for me”.

Love story 2

“She lived opposite my compound. I have never seen her before because I worked in the bank 6am-6pm. One day while coming back from work, she came to fetch water outside where I lived. She first called me… I was like, do you know me? And she said “I am your friend on facebook”. I said really? What’s your name. She told me. She said, how can we be friends for years and you’ve not said “hi” before. I immediately opened my phone and said “hi”. I told her check your inbox. I smiled and moved away. Na so dat “hi” lead to marriage o. We are still doing “hi” with a handsome baby boy… Datzol…

Moral lesson: Sometimes, careless observation with serious people may come out great. I was actually praying for a wife that period. It came in that way and I am happy now.”

Love story 3

I was in my mum shop selling her things. He bought plantain, vegetable oil and it remain egg. I sent my younger brother to get the the egg for him before he came back we started gisting and from there we exchanged numbers on the 16th of October 2006. Thank God I no behave my real behavior on that day. April 26 will be 15 years in marriage and God has been so faithful. Everything na within 6 months

Love Story 4

I meet her inside public bus going to ishieke in ebonyi state,I then invite her to our church service(Christ embassy) which she place me under condition such as if only they close early in her church(inspiration) she will attend.So we exchange number for further reminder, it take like one or two years after when I want to settle down I now remember her and straight up I propose and we are married now for over 7years.

To God be the glory.

Love Story 5

In a lecture hall in 2011, according to him he spotted me the first day I answered a question in class…  we became friends and later dated throughout our university and Nysc.. in 2019 we got married and we have been blessed with a prince ❤️

Love Story 6

“Thought a friend
Actually my friend and him have once know be4 so dey saw dere self
And decided to exchange lost contact and my friend was holding my phone
And she mistakenly give him my phone to press is no
And after me and my friend departed in d night he Started calling me
I pick and and i heard funmi how are u? I was like am not funmi am temmy will let her u call when I get to office tomorrow
And I just saw is hi on watsap
I decided no to answer as my friend friend now
But later…………..
.. …… ……………

Love Story 7

We belong to a certain group on and off Facebook. Some years back, someone made a post “who is your crush in this group” and I innocently mentioned his name. In a few hours, uncle was in my inbox. We are married now.殺

Learn to shoot your shot whether consciously or unconsciously.

Hopeful Class

Love Story 8

I was at the candy shop ,i bought a candy it was worth 5 dollars after buying it she mistakenly flipped my hand and my candy fell down

….i immediately stood up and slapped her hard then she yelled slap me more you sexy tiger the rest was a story , that’s how i met my partner

Love story 9

Na where I go do adhoc staff for our local government election,2010, my papa put my name n it come out,I dey write project,shishi no dey,my papa say make I do am get money.
Uncle was one of aspirants,even though we hail from same place,I never met him b4.
After election,I hear him win oo,I no care ,I no expect anything,Dem gave us date for payment,I went collected my pay,uncle begin come my sch,say him like me n wan marry me,laidis, laidait,25th of this month go make am 11 years we started living as husband and wife.

Love story 10

I lived with my parents in a rented apartment for good 20 years. It was on the day that we met that she told me her street name in that same community and I realized its just a street adjacent to my own street and in fact, coming out of my street at one end, it is straight to her own compound.

On that faithful day, I was just recovering from sickness (malaria), but decided to cease the opportunity to process my NIN.

Permit me to say this please, that I easily have my NIN and met my wife today, I’ll forever remember the late prophet T. B Joshua simply because, back then, getting the NIN was a thing really difficult, but he made it more easier for the masses (even his non-church members like myself and my wife today) by providing some facilities like space, electricity, and more for the government to carry out the task.

On getting there, I just saw this beautiful damsel standing on her own. From the distance, I gave her deep observation that I never knew she caught me doing that. But without wasting time, I approached her with smiles on my face and I’m glad she gave me a warm reception (attention). and we both talked for a while.

Meanwhile, in less than 10mins that I got there, she was attended to and was about to leave, but I told her to please wait for me to keep me company and thankfully, she did. It was during our long conversation there that we both know that for years, we lived close to each other but never came across ourselves for once.

Anyways, after all that, I was attended to too and we both left.

Boarded the same bus, but she refused I pay her transport fare and it was until she was about alighting at her bus stop that I demanded her contact and easily, she gave me.

All that happened in October 2016, few days to her birthday, and few days for her going for her service (NYSC).

it wasn’t easy initially, cos she later told me that she broke up with her ex months back and had determined that it is during her service that she was ready to make herself available for love life again and remember, we still both barely know ourselves, the love was still not deep, and now my baby girl was meeting some new cute and we’ll doing guys so it was just so difficult for her to keep me and a very big assignment for me to fight for and secure her love.

Imagine spending straight 9 months away from the person you just met and with new people you just met and showing you love all the time. It was hell for me, but I thank God, came 22nd of December 2018, we became official, and today blessed with a kid that’ll be celebrating his 1 year birthday on the 16th of December.

Over to you. How did you meet your partner?


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