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10 Set Of People That Must Not Miss The Jojostouch Beauty Festival In Port Harcourt On December 5th


All is set for the Jojostouch Beauty Festival in Port Harcourt on December 5th. It promises to be fun with lots of activities including games, music, comedy, giveaways, and more.

And we think the following set of people should not miss it for anything:

  1. Single sprinkles

You may have been single since January, or you are among the 2.22 billion people that Corona Virus affected their relationship, or maybe they recently served you a hot breakfast. Lols.
Well, the Jojostouch Beauty Festival presents an opportunity for you to meet someone who might make you love again.
You can even get married before December 30th and pepper your ex with stunning wedding photos 藍

2. Foodies

We already have registered the best food vendors in Port Harcourt for this event and they are bringing their A-game to the festival to make sure you eat, drink and smile home藍

3. Vendors

Imagine a platform to sell to almost 5000 people who came out ready to shop. Think about it! If you haven’t secured your spot and you are a vendor, please, do that today before it’s late.

4. Tiwa Savage’s Fans

Many of us have forgotten about the “somebody’s son” song, but it’s still your favourite song, and you sing it in the bathroom, kitchen, etc. And sometimes it comes to your mind even when you want to worship God. Lols
Not only that, You are still using it as your ringing tune. Sister, tell yourself the truth, you need a man.

The good news, however, is, a little bird has whispered to us that most of the Port Harcourt fine and responsible men will be at Jojostouch Beauty Festival. If this is the case, it makes sense to come smelling nice and looking peng ready for somebody’s son to find you.

5. Discount shoppers

Did you know that there will be discount sales at the event? Well, now you know. Come and do your Christmas shopping without breaking the bank. Shop your favorite brand at unbeatable prices.

6. Party Animals

You love parties with good music, food, drinks, games, comedy and more? This event is for party animals like you.
Clear your calendar and show up with your geng on Dec 5th.

7. Jojostouch and Joan Banna Lovers

If you love Jojostouch or she has affected your life in any way, this is an opportunity to show her love. If you are not coming for anything, come just to support her. She deserves it.

8. Team Do Giveaway

So many freebies and giveaways will be won and you Don’t want to read on Naira Diary how someone won an airplane for his wife and another won iPhone X for herself and her boyfriend while you were at home watching Whatsapp status藍藍

Mbok, No let ‘sapa’ kee you, come and win something while having fun.

9. Makeup artists and beauty entrepreneurs

You already know that the Jojostouch Beauty Festival is the biggest beauty event in Port Harcourt, if you are in the beauty industry, you should come and connect with other industry players and build your network, expand your reach and grow your business.

10. The bored & Lonely

In case you didn’t know, it’s a crime to be bored or lonely on December 5th in Port Harcourt. If Wike hears about it, the street task force might come and arrest you. Dont say we don’t tell you.

Wear your jims, Come out and have fun, meet beautiful people, shop at affordable prices, and take stunning pictures to pepper your ex.

You know say Problem no dey finish, and you cannot kee yourself.


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