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11 Tricks To Make A Girl To Like You And Want To Date Her


Instead of asking a lady ‘can we be friends?’

  1. Be friendly.
  2. Take interest in what connects both of you.
  3. Start up interesting neutral conversations.

When she responds;

  1. Don’t chat her up at odd hours.
  2. Avoid words like; Baby, Dear, Angel, Love. Call them their names instead or ask what they are convenient with.
  3. Don’t make video calls, unless she expressly wants it.
  4. Never ever use the word ‘I love you’ especially if you are just meeting. Calm down, if the aim is to date her and it works; you will say it for the rest of your life, so calm down on it.
  5. Ultimately, get busy with your life, don’t be a nuisance.

In addition:

  1. These aren’t rules, they are basic etiquette.
  2. They go both ways.
  3. The effort you put into trying to bring a new person into your life, indicates how valuable you think they are, or they would be to you. So, if you can’t be courteous enough whilst at it, you most likely don’t deem them valuable enough. You could as well, move.

Credits: Olusola | Olubukola Ozone


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