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12 Facts About The Penis You Probably Didn’t Know


Facts About The Pen!s…

  1. The size of your pen*s is largely determined by Genetics. If your father has a long thing, chances are that you too will inherit a long thing.
  2. Your ‘thing’ stops growing at age 20.
    By the time you get to the age where most men worry about their size, there’s almost nothing you can do about the size. When the pee stops growing at 20, it stops completely. Whatever growth after this age is illusion.
  3. Most Peni$ enlargement creams etc are false marketing. Be comfortable with your size.
  4. High Estrogen levels in men can cause short sized peni$. Herbs like Ginseng can cause Estrogen levels to rise in men. Stress and obesity can also cause high Estrogen levels in men.
  5. Masturbation does not increase or decrease the size of your peni$. Ignore the myth.
  6. No two peni$es are exactly the same. You will never find a peni$ exactly like that of your ex.
  7. You can create an illusion of a bigger peni$ by shaving your pubic hair which puts your pee on full display. Not shaving creates an illusion of a smaller peni$. But in reality, it’s the same size.
  8. The size of your peni$ doesn’t affect your ability to sexually satisfy your woman except in a rare case of an absolutely tiny peni$ which fully erects to the size of the little 5th finger. In this case, a surgical procedure can help extend the size of your peni$. See a urologist.
  9. Avoid feeding your male child with food stored and microwaved in plastic containers or foods sprayed with pesticides. These are known sources of chemicals called endocrine disruptors and can affect the growth of your son’s peni$. It is your responsibility to help your son grow a great organ for his self confidence in adulthood. Be intentional about this.
  10. Malnutrition in the womb can affect size of your son’s peni$ after birth. Feed him while he’s in your womb.
  11. Most times a woman mocks the size of a man’s peni$, they are not being sincere. It’s usually because they want to hurt their ego and this is usually if they truly loved the man but the man turned against them. It really has nothing to do with the man’s size but it has everything to do with the amount of pain the man caused the woman.
    So never hurt a woman to the point she reminds you of the size of your Dik.
  12. 1 in every 4 million males has 2 peni$es. This condition is called Diphallia. Whenever you feel bad about your size, remember a boy out there was born with Diphallia.

Authored by Charles Awuzi


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