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Four Reasons You Should Have Sex In The Afternoon


wondered what afternoon sex feels like and why people have sex in the afternoon aside from the main reason of being horny, sex in the afternoon has benefits? And if you’re wondering why you should have some in the afternoon here’s why;

1) Afternoons are the perfect time for naps because feel the need to relax after just waking up and this time is perfect for post-sex activity.

2) According to experts, if you are in your twenties the best time to have sex is 3 pm because your sexual energy is at its peak during that time of the day.

3) Helps in burning calories half hour of sex can burn as many calories as a 30-minute jog. Either way, clearly this is the best reason to skip a workout lol.

4) A particular routine (sex routine can be a libido killer ) switching things up makes sex more interesting and also experts have found out that men have higher levels of estrogen in the afternoon, whereas women have higher levels of cortisol. This means that guys are more open to intimate connections, and women have more energy, making it a nice balance for partners.

Credit to Vigina Care


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