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15 Ways To Find Out If He Wants To Marry You -Ab Isong

How To Know You Are His Future Wife


In the early stages of a new relationship, everything seems absolutely perfect, right?

You and your guy are getting along wonderfully, and you can really see yourself being with him in the future.

But relationships are tricky, and it can be very difficult to find out how a guy really feels about you. Sure, he loves spending time with you, he has introduced you to all of his friends, and he has even told you that he loves you; but if you’re wondering if he sees you as his future wife, you need to look for all of the not so obvious clues.

This comes down to you being able to read between the lines. Sometimes we need to know the true signs a man will display when he’s certain you are the one.

Do they act differently?

Do they change the way they treat you?

Whether you’re currently in a relationship or still looking for Mr. Right, this list will let you know all the signs a man will display if he’s thinking about asking for your hand in marriage.

You might even find out that your man is secretly planning to get down on one knee very soon.

Here are the 15 sure signs that you will definitely be his future wife.


When a man realizes that you just might be his future wife, he will want to include you in everything that’s going on in his life. 

But you need to pay close attention to the way he speaks to you to see if you are really the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with. If he uses the word “we” instead of “me,” it’s a pretty clear sign that he sees the two of you as a unit, and that’s definitely a step in the right direction if marriage is on his mind!

When your guy starts to consider the two of you a team, it really solidifies your relationship. He knows that marriage requires a lot of teamwork, and he’s ready to put in the effort to make your relationship succeed.

When he thinks about what his life will be like ten years from now, he may not know where he will be living or what company he will be working for; but one thing’s for sure, he wants you to be by his side!


In order to figure out if you will be his future wife, you need to analyze his spending habits. Before he had thoughts about possibly making you his wife, he probably spent his money frivolously. But now that his mind is geared towards the future, he will be more strict with his coins, and he will start stashing away money “for a rainy day,” If you’ve noticed a change in your guy’s spending habits, it could be a sign that he’s maturing, he’s growing, and he’s definitely gearing up for a future of wedded bliss.

Once a man realizes that his bachelor days are slowly coming to an end, he will begin to really put some thought into his finances. He will start saving as much as possible to make sure he has more than enough money saved up to buy you a nice engagement ring, and he will want to make sure he has enough funds saved to contribute to the wedding of your dreams.


If you’re wondering if you’re his future wife or not, all you have to do is look at the company he keeps. If most of his friends are happily married, then there’s a very strong possibility that he’s thinking about joining them in the married men’s club.

There’s something that clicks in a man’s brain once all of his friends start to take that walk down the aisle. They slowly begin to realize that their best buds can no longer hang out on a Friday night at the drop of a dime, and their social circle begins to get smaller and smaller. At this point, your guy will start to wonder, “Is it time for me to get married, too?” He sees the way his married pals look at their wives, and he envies them a bit. He’s ready to cross over and leave the single life behind, and who better to go with him on that journey than you?


When a man starts to look at you as his future wife, your opinion will mean everything to him. Now that he can see a future with you, he’s not going to make any life-changing decisions without running them by you first. He may even run the smallest issues by you first just to get your take on things. 

It doesn’t mean that he can’t take control of his own life and figure things out on his own; it simply means he values what you have to say, and he wants to make sure that any decisions that can alter his future are met with your approval first.

When a man starts to include you in his life in this way, just know that he already sees you as his future wife. In due time, he will be looking to take that next step to make sure that you’re in his life forever.


We all have a little bit of crazy in us, and it doesn’t really matter if it’s that time of the month or not. 

Sometimes, we get overly emotional, we can cry at the drop of a hat, and our moods can have more twist and turns than a roller-coaster. Hey, it’s life, and any man who wants to be with you will learn to deal with it. 

The man who sticks around during your mood swings is definitely a keeper. He knows that your inner cray cray will only be making a brief appearance. He will be right there to dry your tears and piece your life back together as soon as your meltdown is over. Before he knows it, you’ll be back to being the lovable and adorable woman he fell in love with.

If your guy has seen you at your worst, and he keeps coming back for more, that’s a pretty clear sign that you’re definitely his future wife.


Most guys are taught to guard their feelings. Since they usually don’t feel comfortable expressing their emotions, they tend to keep things bottled up. In the early stages of a new relationship, it could definitely be difficult to get your guy to open up and let his guard down with you. But once he realizes that you’re someone he can trust, and when he starts to see you as someone he wants to have in his life forever, he will be more willing to become more emotional and more vulnerable.

When a guy can really be himself around the woman he loves, he knows that he has found the woman who was meant to be in his life. He won’t be afraid to let a tear fall after visiting his grandmother in the hospital, and he won’t hold back on opening up to you about the struggles he went through during his childhood. He feels comfortable telling you these things because he knows you’re in it for the long haul.


Trust is not something that most men just hand out the second they meet you. They need time to get to know you so they can determine if you’re trustworthy or not. And if he has been burned by friends and exes in the past, it could be hard for him to trust anyone else moving forward.

A guy will test you in little ways to see just how much he can trust you. He may give you a key to his apartment to see if you will drop by without any notice. Or, he may give you his ATM card so you can pick up his favorite juice at the store. If you come back with the juice and nothing else, then you’ve surely passed his test. Other forms of trust building include him telling you some of his deepest secrets. Once he realizes that his secrets are safe with you, and you don’t plan on telling a soul, it will help him to trust you even more.

Once you have proven yourself to the guy you love, and you have shown him that he can trust you, it will cement the idea in his mind that you’re definitely his future wife.


You know your relationship is really going strong when your guy will tag along with you while you do the most mundane tasks. 

Once a guy is fully in love with you and he is starting to picture you as his future wife, he will be more than happy to go along with you on a Saturday morning to the super market. And when you need to find a dress for your friend’s wedding, he knows it means you will be spending the next five hours in the mall, but he goes along with you any way because he enjoys your company.

The guy who wants you as his future wife will be right there by your side for all of the highs and all of the lows. As long as he’s with you, nothing else really matters!


Finding someone you click with on all levels can be a daunting task. And a guy won’t even think about settling down with someone unless she really understands him and his humor. Whether he has a dry sense of humor or he leans more on the dorky side, all men want is a woman who can laugh at him and laugh with him. Laughter in a relationship is so important, and if you and your guy are always laughing at the same things, then it’s pretty clear that you’re on the same wavelength.

When a guy meets the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with, he will feel happy knowing that someone gets his twisted humor. While the two of you crack up laughing about the silliest things, your friends may look at the two of you like you’re absolutely crazy, but laughter is what will bind the two of you together. Seeing you laugh and smile will brighten up his day, and he wants to be the man who makes you laugh for the rest of your life!


When it comes to choosing a wife, a man wants a woman who has hopes, dreams and aspirations. A guy who is in love with you wants to see you grow and accomplish all of your life goals. He will be your biggest supporter, he will push you to work towards what you want, and he will be the first one to congratulate you on all that you have accomplished.

If you want to know if you’re his future wife, all you need to do is take notice to how he acts when you tell him you want to go back to school to get a second degree, or see how he reacts when you tell him you want to open up a Boutique one day. If he starts throwing out ideas on how you can reach your goals faster, tells you he will help you any way possible, and asks for updates on how your progress is going, just know that he definitely sees you as his future wife!


Men are natural protectors and providers. They want to know that not only can they make their woman happy, but they can support her financially, too. Although your guy knows you have your own money, and you’re kicking major butt at your job, he feels good knowing that if all else fails, he can take care of you financially as well.

A guy who is looking to settle down will not be stingy with his money. He will try his hardest to get you everything on your wish list, he will surprise you with little gifts every weekend, and he will let you know that his money is your money. Whether he gives you access to his bank account or he puts your name as a secondary user on his credit card, a guy who is serious about being with you and making you his wife won’t have any qualms about sharing his funds with you.


Believe it or not, but your guy cares a great deal about what his family thinks about you. 

As much as you want to believe that he couldn’t care less if his snobby Aunt Arit  is a fan of yours or not, he really wants his entire family’s approval before he makes any major moves in his life regarding his relationship. 

If you bump heads with a significant member of his family, your dreams of becoming his wife may be hard to achieve.

But if you get along with his immediate family, then it will make him fall in love with you even more. He will start to envision you sitting around the table with the rest of his family during Thanksgiving, and he will be so excited to put you down as his plus one for his family’s annual ski trip.

When his family loves you, it will make the transition from girlfriend to wife just a lot more easier!


It’s very true that opposites attract, but if you’re wondering if he sees you as his future wife, the two of you have to have at least a few things in common. Having shared interests with your guy will make the two of you bond on a deeper level. If you both love to read, attending a weekly reading class together can strengthen that bond. If you love music, going to different concerts around your city will create lasting memories for the two of you.

When you and your guy have things in common, your relationship won’t feel like work. Everything will be fun, easy and relaxed because the two of you will hardly disagree on how you should spend your down time. When a guy can do the things he loves with the woman he’s in love with, it just solidifies the relationship even more. So keep searching for the things the two of you have in common, and before you know it, you will no longer have any doubts on whether or not you’re his future wife.


One of the biggest clues that a man sees you as his future wife is if he casually brings up the future during your conversations. He may joke with you about what you should name your future kids, but deep down inside, he’s really not joking at all. He can see you as being his wife and the mother of his children, but until he’s ready to directly tell you these things, he’s more than happy to casually daydream about the future with you. This is also his way to determine if the two of you are on the same page.

A guy who sees you as his future wife will also talk about things that can happen between the two of you in the near future. He may ask you what city you want to settle down in, or he will ask you what kind of home you would like to live in.

When he isn’t afraid to talk about the future, it means he’s definitely planning on making you his wife!


When a guy is completely in love with you, he won’t be afraid to show you how he feels. Being sweet and romantic will be like second nature to him, and pampering you is something that he will regularly do.

This doesn’t mean he has to spend a ton of money to treat you like a queen. It could be as simple as rubbing your feet after a long day or giving you a massage after a stressful day at the office. Making you feel good will be his priority, and as long as you’re happy, he’ll be happy too!

A guy who is ready to settle down will live by the saying “happy wife, happy life” long before the two of you walk down the aisle. So if your guy treats you like a spoiled little princess, just know that he definitely sees you as his future wife!

Written by Ab.Isong


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