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A concerned Chinmark’s Staff, Onyegbule Queen Writes Marksman Chinedu Ijiomah


“Dear sir Marksman Chinedu Ijiomah

With due respect, we the ex staff and staff of Chinmark group call for official meeting as regards re-payment of clients funds.

During the first quarter of this year, and hit of the first crisis , you asked for us to stand by you and promote the company knowing fully well how you have worked so hard to get here and we did as you asked out of loyalty and trust for the brand..

It’s disheartening that on up to date, we the staff are yet to be addressed and informed on how the repayment mode will be done and how we tend to pay clients who trusted us with their funds because of the assurance we gave them out of the trust we have for the brand.

Secondly during the hit of the first crisis, we demanded for urgent meeting for staff to be addressed, instead of us to be addressed, the Management locked the group chat as a result of that, our voice was cut short but we still kept giving clients hope and reassuring them that they will get paid come 19th of March, hoping for the whole situation to be resolved.

Thirdly, we got to know about the 30 – 60 days request from clients on facebook which I was informed by a client who on a normal ground suppose to get such information from me, but we had the brand interest at heart and figured out what to tell clients to calm the situation.

Fourthly, this post doesn’t make me a bad staff but as an avenue to express myself since I was cut shot from every possible way our voice could have been heard and resolved amicably without coming public.

Since the management Chinmark Group failed us and made us look st.u.p.i.d working for the brand, my utmost interest and priority is that of my clients who trusted me with over 200million.

Ps: I would have sent this directly to you but since both the Head of Departments and Management group chat is locked, all official lines are switched off, and I learnt you are not the one managing your Facebook account , this is the only way I could pass the request to you sir.

Thank you and God bless you .”


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