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How To Get Your Chinmark Group Investment Capital Back Through Harrison Gwamnishu


Today is March 19th, the day Chinmark Group promised to start paying back their investors. Sadly, the story is not what investors expected .

Mr Harrison Gwannishu on the other hand wants to help investors retrieve their money and here is how:

Good Afternoon
Thousands of people who have followed my trend will tell you I have zero tolerance for illegality and as a human, I can trust only myself.

With Zero grant, I have carried out several projects and interventions that affected lives positively.

Names of companies that I have called out in the past and my role to see that investors that reached out to me get paid

  2. Benignant Forte
  3. Eat Rich
  4. Poyoyo

The truth is, Harrison Gwamnishu cannot post, petition without evidence or complaint from investors. This is the truth.

Harrison Gwamnishu is not a lawyer but my influence has been working for me and never have I failed those that have come to me for help.

For the past six years, nobody will provide any evidence that i was paid for any humanitarian assistance I rendered.


I help victims get legal representation and make sure I follow up to STOP any form of victimization or oppression from victims adversaries.

He went into hiding and close up all offices. I created a group and they started a legal process for recovery.
Status: Liquidation process ongoing in court.

The investors visited me and provided evidence of a breach of contract. I created a group, got a lawyer and they formed a committee among themselves. Before the committee was formed, CEO of Beningnant Philip Akor was already in hiding till the police fished him out with help of female investor that invested about 45million naira.

At detention, Akor changed ownership of his cars recovered to the woman who then sold and recovered part of her money.

Through his brother, a lawyer filed for his fundamental rights as he has stayed more than 24hours in detention. He was released and his lawyer quickly filed a liquidation process at the court.


December , 2021 I saw SEC publication and partners outcry for non-payment of ROP and CAPITAL.

I left Asaba to Enugu where I met Marksman Chinedu Ijiomah CEO Chinmark Group and he told me his account were frozen by SEC and also assured he’s working resolve it.

He took me and others round and showed us ASSETS he has on available including the Bridge suites hotel.

I later saw a publication from him giving a 60 days deadline to pay which ends today. I woke up to see publication stating otherwise.

I’m shocked to see 8 months post dated Cheque MOU on social media.

I feel pained with this development and I’m fully out to assist those I can.


If you invested with Chinmark Group and wish that I Harrison Gwamnishu lead the team to help you LEGALLY and otherwise.

Pease only interested partners who are interested I take up their complaint should fill this link or send a mail attaching evidence of payment and Whatsapp number.


  1. Name
  2. Evidence of partnership
  3. Whatsapp Number

If you can’t access the link, SEND VIA email TO behindbarsrecovery@gmail.com

Chinmark Group cannot be opened and operating daily while people businesses are shut down because of non-payments of CAPITAL.

Thank you


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