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Afro Street Festival 2021: Here’s a Rundown of Everything You Missed


If anybody should talk about events in Port Harcourt in 2021 and miss Afro Street Festival, chances are the person just arrived Port Harcourt and he’s probably at Rumuola trying to get a taxi to Waterlines Before proceeding to his final destination.

This is because even Stevie Wonder will attest to the fact that Afro Street Festival had the best of Art and Creativity, Street Fashion , Dance and Entertainent, Cultural Exhibition, Music, Food and Drink, Explosive Performances, Stunts and more.

Not only that, the entire Emeyal Street in GRA Phase II, Port Harcourt was shut down. And the street was painted and branded to showcase the rich Nigerian culture and creativity with a focus on Rivers State.

The event started with an opening ceremony which featured dances by models, zulu dancers, local drummers with acrobatic display.

The hosts, Speech and Barango were at their best as they made sure the energy was high throughout the festival.

Some of the talking points include:

  1. Fashion Runway

This was designed to showcase the rich fashion talents in the South-South , and both the models and designers understood their assignments. Brands like Jazz Effect, Black Millionaire, CIAC AFRICA, Ghian, Delightful , and Oruku took the stage to showcase their designs and it was beautiful to watch.

2. The Magician
The magician was super entertaining. He poured water in a cup and gave it to a lady to put on her head and after a minute or so, he asked her to turn the cup upside down on her head, to our amazement, there was no water again. ‘no be juju be dat?’ He did other magic after that and they were all magically beautiful.

3. The arrival of Gov Wike’s wife

The arrival of Her Excellency, First Lady and Wife of the Rivers State Governor, Hon. Justice Eberechi Suzette Nyesom Wike was a special moment. Though she did not spend much time, however, putting an appearance was enough to send a message to the creative young people in Rivers State that she supports them.

’Na dis kind governor wife we wan dey vote for now’.

4. Performance by Ajebo Hustlers

Ajebo Hustlers is perhaps one of the biggest music groups in Africa at the moment. Their hit song, ‘Barawo’ was the anthem during the End SARS protest. Barawo currently has 1.7m views on YouTube while Pronto feat Omah Lay has 3.7 million views. They have also gotton several awards including Afrima nomination . The duo stole the show at Afro Street Festival with their energetic performance.

5. Fire on the street
Let these photos explain it all.

6. Rap Masterclass by Preacher Kingz

Preacher Kings got bars, he’s got flows, and his energy is not regular. No wonder he was featured at this year’s Hennessy cypher. The 21 year old rapper took it to another level when he climbed the stage and delivered what I consider a ‘rap Masterclass’.

Other things you probably noticed will be face painting, talented bikers, power bikes. However, if you love food and shopping, you would probably notice food , drink and wears .

The event was a great success and I think Madam Ibinabo Amakiri who is behind the Afro Street Festival deserves a flyer over. Lols

Well, I don’t think I can capture everything in words, so I will let the pictures speak .

See some of the moments from the festival in photos below:

Models on the street

Party on the street

Partee after partee

Dancers on the street

Stunts & bikers

Arts & creativity on the street

Culture meets the street

Special thanks to the sponsors

Nobody achieves greatness alone. An event like Afro Street Festival wouldn’t have been a success without amazing sponsors, and it will be a great sin if we complete the Afro Street Festival story without mentioning the sponsors:

Red Bull
Bamboo Real Estate

Afro Street Festival was simply beautiful. We look forward to next year’s edition. Stay with us for all the stories and more.


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