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Bonny Island Marathon 2023 Kicks Off Under the Theme ‘#BreakFree’, Opens Registration


Port Harcourt, Nigeria – August 26, 2023 – The stage is set for another exhilarating chapter of the Bonny Island Marathon, an event that has become a beacon of athletic excellence, community engagement, and global recognition. Realmlux Limited, the driving force behind the initiative, unveiled the theme for the 2023 edition: ‘#BreakFree’. This theme encapsulates the marathon’s mission to inspire, empower, and transcend boundaries, resonating not only with the runners but also with the entire community, region, and nation.

The journey of the Bonny Island Marathon, an initiative birthed by Realmlux Limited, has been nothing short of remarkable. Since its inception in 2018, the marathon has grown into a beacon of sports-tourism, celebrating both the spirit of athletic prowess and the allure of Bonny Island itself. This year’s theme, “#BreakFree,” encapsulates the essence of pushing boundaries and transcending limitations, echoing the marathon’s mission to inspire a movement of active and empowered individuals.

The Founder & CEO of Realmlux Limited and Project Lead of the Bonny Island Marathon, Boma Halliday, expressed the profound impact of this initiative, stating, “Cultivating an internationally renowned Marathon brand through the Bonny Island Marathon initiative significantly enhances Nigeria’s overall brand equity, transcending the boundaries of Rivers State and Bonny Island.”

The marathon’s objectives are deeply rooted in promoting not only individual health but also community vitality. “Our unwavering dedication is centered around key objectives, including achieving global recognition and label status, welcoming international athletes, and catalyzing nationwide sporting excellence,” Halliday continued.

The marathon has achieved remarkable milestones over the years. Owen Shedrack, Founder & CEO of Outsaurce PEP and Marketing & Communications Partner for the Bonny Island Marathon Project, highlighted some of the notable achievements. “Increased Participation,” Shedrack emphasized, “has fostered a culture of active engagement and healthy competition. The marathon has emerged as a magnet for sports enthusiasts and tourists alike, infusing the local economy with increased tourism revenue and boosting the hospitality sector.”

Beyond the finish line, the Bonny Island Marathon has woven itself into the fabric of the community. Shedrack underlined the event’s role in community engagement and integration, noting that residents actively participate, volunteering, and contributing to the event’s success. The marathon’s unifying force transcends cultural and societal boundaries, bringing together individuals from diverse backgrounds and regions.

This year’s marathon holds the promise of even greater transformation, inviting partners, sponsors, and participants to join hands in realizing its full potential. Shedrack extended an open invitation to all sectors of society, urging collaboration and partnership. “We’re open for sponsorship, partnership, and collaboration from government, development organizations, institutions/embassies, corporate organizations/brands, media, local businesses, ecosystem organizations, sports regulatory bodies, and communities,” Shedrack stated passionately.

Key details for participants: The marathon offers various race categories including 10KM, 15KM, 7KM (Teen Run), and a category for participants with special needs. Registration is open and free until October 31, 2023. The event will take place at Bonny Island, and participants can find more information on the official website: www.bonnyislandmarathon.com.ng.

As the excitement builds and anticipation mounts, Engr. Lady Edith-Hart, the Vice Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Bonny Island Marathon representing the Board Members, before the launch of the rebranded Bonny Island Marathon website and officially opening the call for registration, reinstated their commitment and dedication to supporting the Team, while also improving on stakeholder engagements and partnership activities to ensure the Project’s vision is achieved.  

Acknowledgments go to the key stakeholders who have contributed to the success of this initiative, including His Majesty, King Dr. Edward Asimini Williams Dappa Pepple III, Perekule XI, CON. JP., the Bonny Chief’s Council, the Bonny Local Government through the Chairman, Hon. Anengi Barasua D. Claude-Wilcox, the Advisory Board led by Mr. Sokari Tobins, our Advisory Board led by Mr. Sokari Tobins, the Bonny Youths Federation, Federal Road Safety Commission, security agencies, our past and present sponsors most notably Nigeria LNG Limited, WXB, Shell Petroleum Development Company Joint Venture, Infinox Capital, Oteck Virtual Solutions, strategic partners like Outsaurce, Supersports, our medical partners, and supporting the Bonny Island Marathon. To our media houses present; Artful Media, AC Media, Brila FM Port Harcourt, Today FM Port Harcourt, WaveFM Port Harcourt, Naira Dairy Media, PortHarcourt Blog, Guardian, Tweetest Boi Media, BelieveAll Media, The Social Voice Africa, and ProfJay Blog.

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