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Chinese Man Weds Nigerian Lady From Akwa Ibom In Style (Photos)


This is perhaps the cutest photos i have seen online this week. Truly love knows no barriers. It’s a universal language and it’s not religious or tribalistic. Today anybody can meet and connect with anybody from anywhere, fall in love and get married with the help of internet. How beautiful!

Mr Jason, a Chinese man wedded his Akwa Ibom lover, Eka on the 21st of December 2019 in Itumbuso, in Ini Local government area of Akwa Ibom State. Reports say both bride and groom are businesswoman and businessman.

These photos were taken and posted on Boxing Day by Excel Imagery , they are simply adorable, with husband and wife decked in Ibibio cultural costumes.

Meet Mr and Mrs Jason:

Mr and Mrs Jason

The couple in another pose

The couple stepping out

Adorable Mrs Jason

Mr Jason looking all Ebukalistic

The love birds before the traditional wedding

All images by Excel Imagery

Happy marriage to them.


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