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Don’t Get Married Until You Can Take Care Of A Woman, Wale Jana Tells Men


Wale Jana, a social media evangelist and CEO of Sapphire Scent today on his Relationship Saturday series shared on what women want and when a man should get married.

According to him , real men are scarce . And men cannot be 100% loyal.

Here is his full post , “Men are becoming scarce and I am not talking about having a p*nis. I am talking about men who take responsibility without looking at the woman’s part. These days men want women who can support, they want a woman who can also pay the bills with them and still want to be respected and treated as the husband, it won’t work!

Many women these days settle for all kinds of men because they are lonely and they are being pressured by their parents and society to get married and have children. So when you meet a woman who is quite well to do and obviously has more money than you and she’s telling you not to worry and that she will take care of everything if you marry her, you are setting yourself up for lifelong slavery!

She may be all sweet, submissive and respectful before marriage but once she gets what she wants, oga she will insult you and destroy your self esteem. If a woman is spending her money on you, she expects full loyalty but unfortunately my gender cannot give that 100%. Men are prone to misbehave and when you misbehave she will withdraw all the goodness that attracted you in the first place.

Women may be in a hurry but as a man don’t fall into that trap. Take your time! Don’t get married until you can take care of a woman! Call me old school but don’t do that 50/50 stuff! You are selling your dominion and your birthright! Focus on your work till you can afford to marry! Marriage is not a 100 meter race, it’s a marathon!

May you hug this common sense in Jesus name.”


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