Home Opinions JFK Abiona: Economic Danger Is Looming- Wake Up Nigeria (Part one)

JFK Abiona: Economic Danger Is Looming- Wake Up Nigeria (Part one)


Heathrow airport is scanty. Italy shuts down. DOW nose dived with an indices that occurred 30 years ago. Oil price on a sharp decline.

I went for a meeting yesterday at the Hilton, and an executive staff of this prestigious hotel told me all major international conferences has been cancelled and that they have started downsizing.

Now if the G7 and the G20 nations who have diversified their economies from oil to digital economy are crying; what will befall a nation who totally depends on oil with a lip service of diversification?

My dear reader, we don’t need to have corona virus in Nigeria before we see it’s effect on us. Tell me the big boy in Alaba international market that will go to China now. Tell me what a nation that depends on oil can do when our buyers are plagued with endemic disease. We are faced with a SYNCHRONIZED ECONOMIC RECESSION.

The good news is that it’s time for you to shine. It’s time to look inward. It’s time to take maximum advantage of closed boarders and bring out domesticated services and products. Now I can see why I wrote 101 LAWS OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP and the the NATIONAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP PLATFORM (NEP) and now planning the EMERGING CEOS CONFERENCE 2020.

Friend, fear not. This is the finest economic period of Africa. Corona virus can’t survive this heat. It’s time to raise our game. Stop doing mediocre work. Stop handling projects with triviality. Stop cutting corners. Look inward and bring out a concept the world needs badly in this season.

Imagine a guy being denied American visa many times over but has stumbled upon the cure to corona…Such guy will land in America today without visa. Joseph brought all Egyptians on their knees for pharaoh. Daniel was a force to reckon with in four regimes from nebuchadnezzer to Darius.

If you don’t know how to beg men, then do something that will make you highly sought after. Now, there is a huge opportunity in Nigeria because this world endemic virus has left us with HUGE economic advantages which I will start mentioning tomorrow. Welcome to greatness Nigeria.Good morning..

James Abiona.


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