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When The Truth Fails, Screenshots Work


According to a story, a lady reacted to a post about a cheating husband in a Facebook group, advised women on the best way to punish a cheating husband.

For her, it was just a random comment, but that single comment has ended her marriage .

Except you just returned from Mars, you must have heard how Nigerian women and stabbing and killing their cheating husband as a punishment for cheating.

But this particular lady thinks that the best way to do it is to remove his car break and pray he drives and have an accident and die, that way the wife won’t be charged for murder.

But you know Nigerians, they checked her timeline and noticed she recently got married, screenshot her comment and sent to her husband.

Just as every sane man will do, her husband sent her away immediately.
She tried to deny it, deleted the comment but the husband already saw it and has the screenshots.

Now she is asking for forgiveness.

I have said it before that one of the ways to know Nigerians and their thoughts pattern is to read comments on Instablog and Rant HQ Facebook group especially when sensitive issues are discussed.

For me, by their comments, you shall know them.

Don’t think you know someone until you see their thoughts and actions when nothing is at stake and they are their real self.

And for those commenting without thinking, just know that anything you post on social media can be used against you in the law court.

And maybe, you should also start taking screenshots, it might be a lifesaver one day.

Before your share anything on social media, think, think and think.


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